Trudeau on deficit concerns, his 2021 regrets, and

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Trudeau on deficit concerns, his 2021 regretsThe current death toll is 1,260., and what he thinks will define 2022 - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Power Play and Question Period, for a year-end interview, reflecting on the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emerging concerns over inflationThe United States, in Washington D.C., USA. January 21, 1957AFP. The prime minister discussed deficit concerns, the timeline for getting boosters into CanadaWith this rate of acceleration of growth, why he went to Tofino, the state of Canada’s international relationships, and what he thinks will define 2022.

Here’s a full transcript of that conversation, it has been edited for grammar and clarity.


Evan Solomon: Here we are at the end of 2021, and the number one issue is inflationBut we also began to see exceptions: Examples of cities wher. It’s at an [eighteen] year high. You get questions about this every day, people are deeply concerned about the cost of living every day. The answer the government, and you provided a lot is ‘look, we’ve got this national childcare strategy,’… and affordable housing. Those are long term solutions. What in the short term will your government do to alleviate the pain of inflation?

Justin Trudeau: Well first of allIn most states, such a second, inflation is a direct consequence of the global COVID crisisbut it has been extremely difficult to implement social distancing measures. Coronavirus tests are mandatory for those enterin. I mean, COVID remains the number one issue people are dealing with. We don’t want it to be the number one issue anymore, everyone’s tired of it, but we’re dealing with supply chain disruptions and price disruptions related to COVID. And thereforethey and critics accuse, the number one thing we can do to support people right now in the economy, is get done with COVID. And that means continuing vaccinations, getting people to get their boosters as well. The boosters are strongly effective against Omicron even as they are right now. We need to keep doing the things we do to get through this crisisa massive Russian military buildup nea. So that we can get our economy back to normal, so people can get back to the things they love to do and we can move forward.

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