Successful development of moisture permeability te

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Successful development of moisture permeability tester for packaging materials

recently, Jinan Languang successfully developed bty-t1 moisture permeability tester. This product is designed and manufactured according to gb1037-88 standard, and is applicable to the determination of water vapor transmission rate of plastic film, composite film and other packaging materials. 3.3 use ferrography microscope to detect the analyte

this product is designed based on the weight reduction principle and has the characteristics of high precision, full automation, high resolution, etc. The test process does not need human intervention, the test is fast, the test data is dynamically displayed, and it has powerful functions such as data storage, query, printing, drawing, communication, etc. the calibration is convenient and simple

bty-t1 moisture permeability tester is another new product developed after the introduction of the permeability tester. It has successfully broken the monopoly of imported products, filled the domestic gap, and will play a positive role in promoting the development of China's packaging industry

source: 2nd China packaging machinery

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