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Successful development of new technology for electroless coating on non-toxic metal surfaces

recently, a new technology for electroless coating on non-toxic and pollution-free metal surfaces has been successfully studied in Fuqian science and technology center, Laizhou City, Shandong Province

this process can replace chromium plating and nickel plating. It has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the cost is only 1/2 of chromium plating. Replace the reducer oil. More importantly, this process solves the difficult problems of hexavalent chromium carcinogenesis and environmental pollution in the implementation of electroplating. This process can be widely used in petrochemical, national defense, electronics, aerospace, machinery, textile and other industries

this process makes up for the shortcomings of electroplating, and it is simple to operate. It uses chemical raw materials from a wide range of sources in the market and is mixed according to a scientific formula. It does not need DC power supply, and only needs a plating tank container to implement coating. This process adopts a new film-forming technology in which metal salts and reducing agents are oxidized and reduced in the same solution to deposit metal coatings on the solid surface. Its advantage is that there is no influence of current distribution on the electroplating of September 10 and 9airware in the new generation aircraft manufacturing. On September 16, September 23, September 24 and September 30, it can obtain uniform coatings on the surface of parts with complex shapes, The weighing method of coating table is based on the weight change of the sample before and after the experiment. The layer is amorphous alloy, which has the advantages of high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, non-magnetic and so on. It is an ideal method to replace electroplating in technology and surpass electroplating in function at present

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