Successful development of fuel recovery technology

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Successful development of waste plastic recycling fuel technology and process equipment

a new practical technology - waste plastic recycling fuel technology and process equipment has been successful in Chengdu recently, and has passed the appraisal of Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau and relevant experts

according to experts, there is no technical problem in cracking waste plastics into fuel, but there are no reports and data records in practical production, including Europe, the United States and Japan. In China, this research can be done in the laboratory, but in practice, due to the high production cost, it is difficult to produce economic benefits, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, so large-scale production cannot be carried out

in our machine, the majority of users can visit Chengdu on the spot. This technology, which was born in Chengdu, can be output by amplification, filtering and other processing, providing an effective and feasible new technology for the treatment of white pollution in China. Using this technology to recycle plastics, not only gasoline with purity up to 90-93 can be produced, but also diesel oil can be produced. Due to its low production cost, its selling price is about 300 yuan cheaper per ton than similar products on the market. The melt temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees. Plastic products such as waste woven bags, plastic bags, mineral water bottles, foaming lunch boxes, etc. do not need any classification and cleaning treatment. After chemical cracking, the plastic can be turned into oily gas, and then after cooling and fractionation, it can be reduced to liquid mixed oil

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