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The ultrafast process framing scanning simultaneous imaging recorder was successfully developed

recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education organized Jinan testing machine to detect what tools are needed? The appraisal committee headed by Jin Guofan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, held a result appraisal meeting in Xi'an on the "SSF ultrafast process framing scanning simultaneous imaging recorder" developed by Shenzhen University, Xi'an Institute of Optics and precision machinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of fluid physics of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics

identification experts believe that SSF ultrafast process framing scanning and imaging recorder is the essence of studying the high-speed passing process, and now the long molding time of epoxy resin also makes it difficult for Tier-1 suppliers and OEM manufacturers to manufacture automotive parts in large quantities. It is a scientific instrument that can provide time-space information and optical information of transient phenomena. It is a key optical testing equipment for studying detonation physics and shock wave physics. In high-density energy transmission High temperature plasma physics, high voltage discharge, jet fuel chemistry and hypersonic wind tunnel experiments are also indispensable and important research equipment

it is understood that the instrument has many original innovations in principle and technical application. The main technical performance of the instrument, including the intrinsic spatial resolution of the framing imaging system in both time and space directions, the space-time information rate of high-speed photography, the principle error of adjacent framing time and the maximum scanning speed of the scanning imaging system, are better than the international advanced level of similar instruments. At the same time, the instrument breaks through the conclusion that the framing scanning simultaneous imaging recording system can not achieve the high spatial resolution of a single function ultra-high speed camera, which is considered by the international academic community

this achievement was led by Li Jingzhen, a professor of Shenzhen University. The team mainly used to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks and refractories took eight years to complete. This is also another important achievement that the team can separate bonding materials again after winning the second prize of the National Invention Award in 2005

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