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Successful development of photocatalyst sol preparation

Beijing Puren Technology Co., Ltd., located in Beijing Shangdi overseas students Haidian entrepreneurship Park, relying on the scientific and technological advantages of overseas students, has successfully developed photocatalyst sol preparation with international advanced level, filling the gap in this field in China

photocatalyst is a kind of photocatalyst, represented by titanium dioxide, whose elongation value will decrease with the increase of the moving speed of the electronic tensile testing machine. This material can produce free electrons and holes under ultraviolet irradiation, so it has strong photo redox function, can oxidize and decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, can destroy bacterial cell membrane and solidify viral protein, and has strong antifouling, bactericidal and deodorizing functions

Japan is a leading country in photocatalyst technology. In recent years, it has reached the practical level in many aspects, such as antifouling, antibacterial, deodorization, air purification, hydrophilic materials that can detect early signs of accidents, water treatment, degradable plastics and environmental protection, and has formed a considerable scale of industries. Photocatalyst is known as the light purification revolution because of its wide use and deep influence in environmental purification

at present, the liquid photocatalyst material developed by the experimental Department of Beijing Puren Technology Co., Ltd. has been publicly re developed. The comprehensive performance index has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. The test results show that the ceramic tableware coated with photocatalyst sol has a significant bactericidal effect, with a sterilization rate of 99%. At the same time, it is non-toxic and pollution-free to human body, and can form a permanent antibacterial and antifouling coating on the surface of the material, Domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have launched the experimental machine dual operation system, so it has a very wide range of development and application value. This technology can be widely used in light industrial production, such as air purification, ceramics, glass, building materials, catering appliances, medical devices, household appliances, furniture, automobiles and transportation facilities, environmental protection, degradable plastics and other daily necessities. The market prospect is very broad. At present, the company is actively seeking various cooperation with the business community to contribute to the early realization of this technology and the promotion of the development of national industries and high-tech industries

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