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Dashi intelligent appeared at Alibaba cloud habitat 2018 conference with its independent core technology

on March, Alibaba cloud habitat conference was held at Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Shenzhen. The theme of this conference is redefine future. The smart city, Alibaba cloud IOT (human machine interface IOT) ecological panorama, 20+ special session and other contents were displayed on site. As a leading smart city construction and service operator in China, Dashi intelligence (002421) has service advantages in the field of IOT infrastructure construction, and it will appear at this grand event with its self-developed electromechanical intelligent control platform

Dasi intelligence has always maintained a stable and high-quality partnership with Alibaba. At present, it has cooperated with Alibaba Shenzhen headquarters building, Alibaba Beijing headquarters building, Hangzhou Taobao city and other projects. Based on Alibaba cloud's core capabilities, Dashi intelligence is creating more core values for users

Dr. yuan Yifeng of Dashi R & D center introduced the company's self-developed electromechanical intelligent management and control platform

there are often multiple smart carbon nanotubes "sewn" lightweight and high-strength composites inside large buildings! If the subsystems cannot be interconnected, it will impose great constraints on building management and user applications. Dashi intelligent uses the self-developed real-time database dasrdb and multi-function gate to support more than 140 standard communication protocols and user-defined protocols to achieve seamless access to all subsystems of the building's joint sensing layer. The platform realizes data sharing among subsystems through the centralized management of building operation data, and shares it to Alibaba cloud with standard communication protocols, providing users with rich applications such as integrated monitoring, equipment management, energy management, etc

the exhibition guests had a detailed exchange on the Dashi electromechanical intelligent control platform

Alibaba cloud provides an open and convenient IOT connection platform, making it possible to quickly build intelligent building networks and applications. The data and experience accumulated by Dashi in the fields of comprehensive building management and control and equipment energy conservation control are of great value in promoting the expansion and improvement of Alibaba cloud's AI capabilities. At the same time, Alibaba cloud's AI capabilities in video recognition, natural language understanding, face recognition and other aspects can greatly enrich and achieve solutions to eliminate or effectively reduce structural or non structural damage in the fields of integrated building security, equipment intelligent control and so on

Hu Xiaoming, senior vice president of Alibaba group and President of Alibaba cloud, said at the meeting that Alibaba cloud plans to connect 10 billion devices in the next five years, with four kinds of rotating friction. With the help of its own construction experience and ability in the fields of smart architecture, smart transportation and smart medicine, Dashi will speed up the process of intelligent connection of all things in relevant fields, promote a new future of digital transformation and the intelligent era of interconnection of all things is coming soon

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