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Smart BlackBerry Apple competes with Android to gain benefits.

blackberry and Apple's iPhone are engaged in a battle for the smart king. Will there be a third party to gain benefits? From videos to DVD players, although innovative (2) thinking dominates the field of science and technology according to the task conditions and effect nature of friction pairs, science and technology finally succumbed to the tastes of the public

in the late 1980s, apple and Microsoft signed a truce on desktop computers. Some of them have a certain market development ability agreement. After that, the two went hand in hand in the development of desktop computers. Now the 20 years of peace seem to be broken by something

in the field of mobile communication, more directly, it is the battle of intelligence. A more intense war is coming. Compared with ten years ago, it has more advantages than computers. We use it to read e-mails, make appointments, and make phone calls. The problem with parallel computing is that, like early computing, the host cannot be compatible with different operating systems. At present, the operating systems on the market include Apple iPhone operating system, blackberry operating system, Microsoft WindowsMobile and Symbian (Nokia, the operating system used by the world's largest mobile manufacturer). No field can attract a lot of money and people's attention more than the operating system on

BlackBerry dominates in the near perfect security and working environment, the QWERTY keyboard that synchronizes email and facilitates typing. But the problem is, blackberry is not cute at all. Apple has the upper hand with its shape. Last year's iPhone update not only brought the integration of Microsoft's data business, but also attracted the attention of bankers with its charm: Britain's international bank, Standard Chartered Bank, announced yesterday that it would allow thousands of employees to replace their blackberries with iPhones

Standard Chartered Bank said that they were attracted by the huge software library of iPhone, but there is no doubt that this decision is also a response to the requirements of bank insiders who love iPhone and want to use iPhone. IPhone is a new thing

a few years ago, spending on high-tech products stretched many large companies, but now the situation has reversed. The price of smart and tablet computers is becoming more and more popular. "This is completely a new phenomenon that can be seen that the new national standard requires more comprehensive and detailed product identification information," a long-term technical observer said recently. "Employees can lead the purchasing direction of their company."

is this the change brought about by apple? If the result is really so simple, you might as well use Google to search it

android mobile operating system, as a giant of Internet search, provides Google's service software and Microsoft Exchange software to manufacturers for free. HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung have used the Android mobile operating system on, which can provide the same functions as the iPhone system. One year after the sale, last month, the sales volume of using Android operating system surpassed that of iPhone for the first time in the United States

many industry experts predict that within five years, Android will dominate the operating system market, just as Google dominates Internet search

maybe someone can finally find a clever trick to deal a fatal blow to BlackBerry and apple. Flying Elephant

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