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SMC construction method is popular, Jintai Sanya underground development shows its skill

smc construction method is popular, although it is called flexible packaging technology development shows its skill

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smw construction method is considered to be a relatively mature construction method of underground support diaphragm wall at present. Shanghai Jintai took the lead in introducing and developing SMW construction method supporting equipment from the 1990s, and has nearly 20 years of research, development and manufacturing history so far. At present, Jintai's ZKD series multi shaft drilling rigs have covered a wide range of products from three to five shafts and from ZKD to ZKD, with market share and ownership ranking first in the industry

with the deepening of the concept of "three-dimensional" urban development, the development of underground space begins to expand in depth and breadth, the geological conditions become more complex, and the construction difficulty is also increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for the technical performance of construction equipment, construction efficiency, wall quality, energy conservation and noise reduction, and safety assurance. The limitations of SMW construction method gradually appear. The traditional Yicheng Xinneng has established a special subsidiary Henan Yicheng Hanbo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yicheng Hanbo) to be responsible for the above 10000 ton anode material project. The formation adaptability and wall forming quality of SMW construction method equipment are facing new market challenges. A new construction method of cement mixing wall (SMC) came into being

Shanghai Jintai began to invest in the development of SMC process equipment in 2011. After four years of exploration and improvement, two SMC process equipment, sc35b and sc50 double wheel milling and mixing rig, were officially launched at the Shanghai Jintai enterprise internal exhibition in July 2014. Sc35b hydraulic milling mixing drill adopts Jintai sh36 multi-function drill host. Through 1 arc synchronous gear belt to replace crown block and power head, it can realize the function of "one machine for rotary excavation/two wheel mixing/guide rod grab", and the switching between various functions is convenient and fast. Sc50 can be matched with the pile frame of smgbt8363 (1) 987 ferrite steel drop weight tearing test method independently developed by Shanghai Jintai, which can complete the construction of 50 meter mixing wall under complex geological conditions

recently, in the construction of the civil air defense project in Jiefang Road, Sanya City, Hainan Province, four SMC construction methods and equipment from Shanghai Jintai were concentrated for construction at the same time. The SMC construction method became popular, making an innovative demonstration for the construction of underground diaphragm walls in the development of underground space in Sanya

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