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SMIC's overall equipment level will be at the international leading level in the industry. The international will OEM IBM 45 nanometer chips

on December 26, SMIC international integrated circuit manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("SMI international", NYSE Stock Code: SMI, Hong Kong Stock Exchange Stock Code: 981) and International Business Machines Corporation ("IBM", NYSE Stock Code: IBM) jointly announced, SMIC international and IBM have signed a 45 nm bulkcmos technology license agreement. SMIC international will provide global customers with high-end 12 inch core cleaning oil chip OEM services

according to the agreement, IBM will transfer 45nm low-power and high-speed bulkcmos technology to SMIC. This technology is not only because the control must be based on the detection of input information, but also can be used in the application of mobile communication products, such as the high-end integration of 3G, multimedia, image processing and chipset functions. High speed technology can support the production of images and other consumer electronic products

Kevin Hudgins, IBM's vice president in charge of intellectual property licensing, said, "China is a rapidly growing strategic market, and SMIC is China's largest chip OEM."

the license agreement between SMIC and IBM is one of the strategies for SMIC to strengthen its leading position in China's chip generation industry, so as to better serve high-end customers all over the world. The agreement is synchronized with SMIC's own technological research and development process. At present, the 65 nm low energy consumption process independently developed by SMIC is in the customer verification stage

matthewskamansky, vice president of enterprise relations of SMIC international, said, "SMIC international, after combining IBM's design activator and IP interpretation system expertise, can enable our factory free design customers to transform to 45 nanometer technology system chips."

SMIC is one of the world's leading IC chip OEM enterprises, and also the largest and most advanced IC chip manufacturing enterprise in mainland China. SMIC International provides global customers with 0.35 micron to 65 nm and more advanced chip OEM services. At present, there are three 12 inch chip production lines in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan. In addition, SMIC has four 8-inch chip plants in Shanghai and Tianjin, a packaging and testing plant in Chengdu, and an 8-inch chip plant that operates and manages on behalf of SMIC

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