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Sany Heavy machinery agents carried out water delivery operations to more than 700 villagers in Yunnan

Sany Heavy machinery agents carried out water delivery operations to more than 700 villagers in Yunnan

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Guide: Recently, a water tanker full of love set out from Yunnan Qujing office, which can be made of 35 seamless steel tubes by Sany Heavy machinery, to villages and towns such as ciga, Xindian, xiaoaoyao, liujinhaizi and primary schools in Xuanwei City, Hundreds of villagers and more than 500 teachers and students in six villages were sent water. Since 2009, Yunnan Province has experienced a century of failure

recently, water tankers loaded with love set out from the Yunnan Qujing Office of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to ciga, Xindian, xiaoaoyao, liujinhaizi and other villages and primary schools in Xuanwei City to deliver water to hundreds of villagers and more than 500 school teachers and students in six villages

since 2009, Yunnan Province has suffered the worst drought in a century. The drying up of lakes and wells has caused great economic losses to the local area and seriously affected the lives of the people. It is understood that ciga village committee uses water cellars to store rainwater as daily water. At present, the water cellar of the village committee has no water, and the villagers in six natural villages cannot drink water. Livestock deaths have occurred due to difficulties in drinking water

water tankers full of love drove into the drought stricken village

water tankers full of love drove into the drought stricken village

after understanding the disaster, Sany Heavy Machinery Agent Yunnan Ruide immediately set up a drought relief commando to urgently carry out water delivery and disaster relief operations. "Villagers often have to walk for several kilometers to carry water. Some people even lost their precious lives in order to find water." Introduction to the commandos who participated in the water delivery operation. Before dawn, they got up and prepared. They didn't even bother to eat breakfast. At more than 1:00 noon, the disaster relief team successfully arrived at the village committee of ciga. Local villagers extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the disaster relief team. Everyone happily took cans of water from the disaster relief vehicle and thanked them. In the evening, after the water delivery work in each village, the disaster relief team drove to the local central primary school to send love springs to the school teachers and students. "Children can only drink a small bottle of water every day. Fourorfive people share a small basin of muddy dam water to wash their faces and feet." After learning about the children's situation, the relief team members were sad. As soon as the rescue team arrived, the students came spontaneously and helped the rescue team carry water with joy. "At the end of loading, the loading handle should be placed at the unloading position. Although there is extreme water shortage, the children's smiles are still so sunny and energetic. I believe that through our efforts, we can overcome the difficulties." Click one button to switch the experimental record to the next one

the commando distributes drinking water to school students

an uncle is storing water on his small board car

the commando distributes the water on the water truck to the villagers

Yunnan Ruide, the agent of Sany Heavy machinery, established the Sany emergency commando with the purpose of "returning to the society and contributing strength" in March 2010. This is another large-scale disaster relief operation of the commando after the drought relief and water delivery in 2010, the Malone floods, the Yingjiang earthquake, and the donation of disaster funds at the order meeting. It is reported that under the organization of Yunnan Ruide, the disaster relief work of the disaster relief team has received customers' response one after another. The Sany rescue commando has grown rapidly and made important contributions to local social rescue, which has been highly praised by the masses

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