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Sany international and Rockwell Automation start PDP strategic cooperation

Sany international and Rockwell Automation stop (1min~6hour) take the initiative to pull out the automation start PDP strategic cooperation from the battery

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recently, the launching ceremony of Sany international and Rockwell Automation PDP strategic cooperation was held in Shenyang Sany International Industrial Park. Wu Jialiang, chairman of Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Co., Ltd., and Ke Siqi, managing director of Rockwell Automation Greater China, attended the launch ceremony and delivered speeches. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the implementation of the strategy and the future in-depth cooperation and development, and jointly planted pines and cypresses that symbolize the permanent existence of friendship

will jointly develop mining high-voltage explosion-proof inverter

from the beginning of its establishment, Sany international has been committed to using high and new technology to improve the traditional and backward blasting and mining methods in the coal industry, and strive to create the first brand in the coal machine market. In recent years, energy conservation, emission reduction and fine mining have become the theme of promoting the sustainable development of the coal industry

accelerate the transformation and upgrading of advanced basic materials industry. As a sharp weapon for energy conservation and emission reduction, the great advantages of high-voltage explosion-proof frequency converters continue to highlight. The high-voltage explosion-proof frequency converter is superior to the current two speed motor stepless speed change heavy load start, which can not only pass through the zigzag roller width: 140mm; The speed regulation of scraper conveyor realizes effective energy saving, effectively reduces chain breaking accidents, greatly shortens the downtime of equipment failure, reduces the production cost of coal enterprises, and improves the production efficiency of coal mining operations

check whether the joint of the oil circuit system has been tightened this strategic cooperation. Sany international and Rockwell Automation will jointly develop mining high-voltage explosion-proof frequency converters and jointly build their competitiveness in the mining high-voltage frequency conversion market. The frequency converter has the characteristics of smaller volume, simpler topology, fewer power components, lower failure rate, long trouble free operation time and short maintenance and replacement time. It is a real four quadrant high-voltage component

Wu Jialiang, chairman of Sany international, said that Rockwell Automation and sany international are a win-win combination of strong cooperation. Through cooperation, Rockwell Automation's strong technical advantages and sany International's unique market advantages in the field of coal machinery complement each other, and will play a huge potential in promoting the technological progress of China's coal and carbon industry. Ke Siqi, managing director of Rockwell Automation Greater China, also believes that this cooperation will undoubtedly become a new milestone in the development of coal and mining fields

the strong joined forces to put forward the concept of "Internet enterprise"

Sany has established the "Internet strategy" as the first strategy. Chairman Liang Wengen even pointed out that the company should embrace Internet from three aspects: Internet culture, business model, technology and application. Wu Jialiang said that at present, the development of information technology has spawned new needs in customer applications, and the concepts of digital mines and digital ports are more popular than in previous years. These factors have prompted the entire industrial chain to be comprehensively upgraded

at this year's national two sessions, "made in China 2015" rose to a national strategy, aiming to complete China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power in about three decades. The executive meeting of the State Council proposed that to build an upgraded version of China's manufacturing industry, we should comply with the development trend of "Internet +", that is, promote the integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing industry represented by mobile technology, cloud computing, big data and IOT

this time, Sany international and Rockwell Automation jointly put forward the concept of "interconnected enterprise". Through integrated automatic control and information technology, combined with the most advanced mobile technology, cloud technology, big data analysis and other modern technologies in the Internet era, Sany international will realize the seamless connection of data, production process, personnel and equipment, reduce production costs, make rational use of resources, and optimize asset utilization, Build the first brand of "intelligent manufacturing" of coal machinery in China

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