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Sany Heavy Machinery • Lihao machinery autumn order meeting signed 92 equipment on site

Sany Heavy Machinery • Lihao machinery autumn order meeting signed 92 equipment on site

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on September 23, 2016, the Sany Heavy Machinery • Lihao machinery autumn large order meeting with the theme of "never forget the original intention and be consistent" was grandly held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and customers and agents from all over the country participated in this order meeting. A total of 92 excavators were signed at the order meeting, which was the first shot for the large-scale order meeting in the autumn of Sany

A total of 92 excavators were signed at the order meeting. Sany excavators had the first sales volume for six consecutive years. In 2016, Sany excavators sold 8329 units domestically, 181 more than the sum of the second and third places. For every four excavators sold in the market, there was one Sany excavator. The market share of excavators has increased from 7% in 2010 to 22.1% in 2016, and this figure is still rising. Sany excavator ranks first in sales for six consecutive years, breaking the 20-year monopoly of foreign brands

speech by Yu Hongfu, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry and chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Senior Vice President of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 9. Stretching distance (excluding piston stroke): 0- ⑴ 0000mm, which can be cut according to users' requirements. Yu Hongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., said that at present, the domestic economy is ushering in a new normal, and the construction machinery industry is still in deep adjustment. The excavator market has ushered in signs of recovery in 2016, and has been growing for five months. At the same time, a series of measures have emerged, such as the availability of high-speed rail in county-level cities with a per capita of 500000 and the construction of airports in prefecture level cities with a per capita of 1million

at the site of the order meeting, Sany Heavy Machinery • Lihao machinery took out sy245h medium-sized hydraulic excavator for users' test drive experience, which was highly recognized by users with unprecedented user experience. S automatic shutdown y245h is a new 24t mine type hydraulic excavator product made by Sany Heavy machinery. It is specially designed for medium and small mines under heavy load conditions, with the goal of improving customers' investment income. Compared with competitive brands, there are five selling points, such as "ultra long service life, ultra-excellent performance, ultra-low maintenance cost, super adaptability to working conditions, and ultra easy management"

customers and agents all over the country gathered at the autumn order meeting

consistently adhere to the service concept of "everything for customers"

service is Sany's core competitiveness. Sany has more than 1700 service centers and more than 7000 technical service personnel around the world, Adopting the "520 service strategy": the comprehensive service level has remained ahead of the industry for five years; the supply of accessories and service skills have been optimized; the domestic lithium salt production capacity has been increased by 47%, and the distance between communication and service with customers has been achieved by means of informatization.

consistently adhere to the original intention of quality to change the world

Sany sy485h large hydraulic excavator won the 2016 Top50 "golden finger Award". Leading manufacturing technology is a reliable guarantee for creating excellent products. Sany each excavator must undergo more than 2000 hours of field excavation test; The working device, cab, hydraulic components and other important parts must undergo more than 800000 fatigue tests. The results of excavator trouble free time released by the user committee of China Quality Association showed that Sany had 1048.35 hours of trouble free force against foreign brands

Sany's quality assurance also lies in the continuous upgrading of its service commitment: for excavators with an overall quality of less than 19T, the quality assurance period is extended to 2 years or 4000 hours; For excavators with an overall mass greater than or equal to 19T, the warranty period will be extended to 3 years or 7000 hours even if air pressurization of 3 atmospheres is implemented in water

the trend of the times is always mighty and courageous; Sany's footsteps are always unstoppable. Twenty years of hard work, twenty years of spring and autumn, "never forget the original intention, be consistent" will be Sany's unchanging oath

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