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Sany India: Sany international pacesetter

on October 15, a delegation of Chinese infrastructure (energy) industrial and commercial enterprises sponsored and organized by SANY group went to India for investigation, and exchanged and discussed with the Indian government on investment projects such as energy, infrastructure construction, housing industrialization, etc., boosting bilateral production capacity cooperation. During the inspection, Sany achieved positive results. As the international pacesetter of Sany, Sany India has seized the opportunity and gained market recognition based on the local market. It is reported that Sany India achieved full profits in the first half of this year

open the road of Sany globalization

in 2002, Sany group exported four graders to India, which was the first time Sany entered the Indian market. In the same year, Sany India Co., Ltd. was established, with branches in six central cities in India, and its service points cover the whole of India

in 2006, Sany invested US $60million in Pune to build a construction machinery production base, which was the first overseas investment project of Sany group, the first example of China's construction machinery industry building factories overseas, and the largest direct investment of Chinese enterprises in India at that time

in 2010, Sany Pune Industrial Park opened. This is the official opening of Sany's first overseas tightening nut factory for stopping overloaded operation after tightening weights, which has become another major milestone in Sany's internationalization process. Marked by the opening of India's Pune Industrial Park, Sany has embarked on a one-stop localized global development path of investment, design, production and sales

product localization and talent localization become the key

as a localization enterprise rooted in India for a long time, Sany has been thinking about the proposition of "localization". Product localization and talent localization become the key to solve the problem

in 2013, after Sany made strategic adjustments to its concrete business in India, excavators, crawler cranes, truck cranes, etc. became Sany's main products in India. In order to make the equipment more in line with the local working conditions in India, Sany India has successively launched a series of localized products of scc550e crawler cranes. In 2014, the localized excavator sy220c-9 was offline in India's Pune Industrial Park, marking that Sany India's localization strategy has entered a new stage of development. In addition, Sany India has also realized the terminal sales of the first general chassis crane spc250, and the top-level design of multiple crane models

in Sany India, not only local top talents have been introduced to key positions such as CEO, business director and business director, but also a large number of local people have been recruited in the front line of manufacturing system and marketing services. At present, more than 90% of Sany India's employees are Indian. "Localized people can grasp the Indian market more accurately, be closer to customers and capture customer needs." The head of Sany India said that this is also the key factor for the company to quickly occupy the market. At the same time, Sany India has also increased the training of localized talents

driven by a series of localization strategies, Sany India ranked first in the market share of Indian crawler cranes in 2014, and the performance of Sany excavators rose steadily. In the first half of this year, Sany India has achieved comprehensive profits

with the increase of experimental power, I hope India will truly become the manufacturing center of Sany

after more than ten years of cultivation in the Indian market, Sany has already become India's "corporate citizen". In the eyes of many Indian customers, the "Sany relationship day" created by SANY India has become an important festival. On this day, they came to Pune factory to visit the production line, watch the excavator performance, witness the results of the excavator competition, and interact with the company's operators to experience the charm of Sany brand to the greatest extent

in addition to customers, Sany has also won the trust of local people. At the end of July last year, Malin village in Pune, a city in western India, suffered a landslide. Sany immediately sent excavators and operators to participate in the rescue. The head of India's national disaster response force said that China's Sany excavator is fast and reliable, which has played a great role in the rapid development of disaster relief work. At his suggestion, Sany India will deploy more excavators to participate in the rescue on the same day

in the past two years, exchanges between China and India have become increasingly frequent. Indian Prime Minister modi and foreign minister Swaraj had in-depth communication with the top level of Sany during their visits to China, and fully affirmed the great contribution made by SANY to India's economic development. Swaraj also expressed the hope that with the help of the power of Trinity, Indian manufacturing will rush out of India and go to the world

tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, hopes that the Indian government can formulate a China India cooperation mechanism as soon as possible, so that India can truly become the manufacturing center of Sany, not just the sales market and production base. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, said that Sany would further increase its investment in India, and the samples should be evenly clamped low throughout the whole length of the clamping part, so as to contribute to the infrastructure construction of India and the friendship between the Chinese and Indian people from generation to generation

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