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Sany hoisting Hall of fame | Yu Yonggang: I want to be a crane operator

Yu Yonggang, from Longxian County, Shaanxi Province, 53 years old, is a truck crane operator of Baoji Weixin installation and Transportation Co., Ltd. After entering the industry for 31 years, we have always adhered to the front line of the hoisting industry, which is only due to a simple and simple reason. StarTech needle specially includes halogen-free flame-retardant polycarbonate composites, and has developed a new business growth point experimental machine for fatigue cultivation in response to these phenomena

In 1990, Yu Yonggang, who was demobilized from the army, was assigned to Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. On my first day in office, I saw a 40 ton truck crane in the company. I liked machinery since I was a child, which made me very happy. At that time, 40 tons was already a big guy in the five northwestern provinces

seeing the driver skillfully operating the crane, Yu Yonggang was envious. Therefore, when choosing the type of work, Yu Yonggang did not hesitate to choose the crane, but the company has regulations that he must start from the lifting worker before starting the crane

the rigger's work is very busy. It's difficult for Yu Yonggang to spare some free time to prepare for the crane driver's license, which makes him very distressed. In order to realize his dream of crane operation, Yu Yonggang applied with his unit for home leave and compensatory leave in advance, and made full use of time to study. Finally, he successfully obtained a crane driver's license

in 2000, the company was restructured, and Yu Yonggang turned to Baoji Weixin installation and Transportation Co., Ltd. to provide services for Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. The company handed the 40 ton crane to Yu Yonggang to drive, fulfilling his dream of driving a crane

before 2005, cranes in Baoji area were still rare, and the company's car use was not large. Yu Yonggang drove the crane to Pingliang, Tianshui and Hanzhong with his colleagues, and participated in the rescue of Qinling Mountains and Qianyang mountains for many times. At that time, there was no computer display for cranes. It was all based on our own experience to visually measure the distance, estimate the weight, select rigging, grope and accumulate experience at the same time

with the equipment of Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. becoming larger and larger, the tonnage of the crane operated by Yu Yonggang is also increasing. At the same time, he also witnessed the domestic cranes of more than 16 tons, from the initial complete import to the subsequent chassis import and country (2) resistance spot welding production and reassembly, and then to the current vehicle made in China

as a Chinese, I am really proud of being made in China. In order to be a qualified operator, we should not only be bold and meticulous, and have good skills, but also adapt to the development of society and the innovation of equipment through continuous learning. Our generation has witnessed the development of our country, and we should be worthy of this great era

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