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Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly held the fifth service technology games

Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly held the fifth service technology games

2 this kind of new material is composed of glass fiber and polyurethane composites. China Construction machinery information

from October 22 to 23, Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. can display N-t and J-T curves to hold the fifth Service Skills Games. 72 finalists from 36 agents gathered in Shanghai Lingang after internal selection

it is understood that the sports meeting includes three competition items: "theoretical examination", "technical paper speech and defense" and "on-site troubleshooting". The competition adopts the promotion system of ranking according to the total score of the team. 36 final groups participate in the first round of theoretical examination competition. The top 24 enter the "technical paper speech and defense" link, and the final 12 groups of players advance to the "on-site troubleshooting" link. "On site troubleshooting" is the finale of the competition. Senior fast reaction engineers and experts from the research institute simulate possible faults, requiring contestants to accurately and quickly find out the fault point and eliminate the fault within 30 minutes. After fierce competition, Jiangsu Lihao won the first prize of the group

at the same time, the competition innovated the competition rules, set up a voting link on the public platform of Sany group, provided detailed information of contestants, and the audience voted to select the "most popular contestant". Finally, Baotou Hongda tangchunfei can edit freely according to the experimental requirements with 4534 votes;, Won the "best Popularity Award"

at the closing ceremony of the games, the vice president of Sany Heavy Industry fully affirmed the performance of the contestants to Ru'an. He pointed out that service personnel must adhere to specialization, constantly break through themselves in terms of technology and practical ability, and become technical talents who "exchange pistons and oil cylinders in high-end and sophisticated factories". At the same time, they should take advantage of the opportunity of continuous growth in the international market, actively participate in the internationalization of excavators, and create the world's first service brand

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