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Sany Heavy Lift: open a new chapter of the industry in 2015 with the power of up

Sany Heavy Lift: open a new chapter of the industry in 2015 with the power of up. The first Centennial Brand Forum in Shandong Province 2017 and China's industrial brand tour Shandong station was grandly held in Jinan

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in 2014, the whole engineering industry was in a low-level adjustment stage due to the impact of domestic macroeconomic transformation and development, the decline in the growth rate of fixed asset investment and other factors. However, in a depressed market, crisis and business opportunities coexist at the same time. As long as we can realize transformation and upgrading, we can turn crisis into opportunity

in the past year, Sany Heavy Lift took the opportunity of market adjustment to thoroughly implement the "double entry" and "transformation" strategies, and actively expand (2) develop new products and new growth points according to the material of samples, innovate and deepen international operations, and achieve development in adversity. Among them, truck cranes 50? Tons and above products, crawler crane 250 tons and above products have maintained a stable market position

Sany Heavy Lift also actively innovated and launched a number of highly competitive products, such as the new generation E-Series crawler crane, which enriched the existing product portfolio and greatly enhanced Sany's market competitiveness, so that Sany Heavy lift can still achieve good results and maintain a leading market position in the downturn of the industry

in 2015, with the introduction of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the engineering industry will usher in another opportunity for development! The "the Belt and Road" is the abbreviation of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. It will fully rely on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and relevant countries, with the help of existing and effective regional cooperation platforms, to jointly build a community of interests with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusiveness

building the "the Belt and Road" will involve a lot of infrastructure construction. Since 2014, the national level has been actively promoting the infrastructure planning of railways, ports and other aspects. By 2015, these related infrastructure will enter the substantive implementation stage, and the engineering industry closely related to infrastructure is bound to become a major beneficiary! We can predict that another spring of the development of the engineering industry is coming

2015, trapezoidal screw will be a year full of opportunities and hope! In March, the national spring joint exhibition of Sany Heavy Lift will kick off, marking the first shot of new year marketing in the engineering industry. At that time, Sany Heavy Lift will also launch the first golden week of the whole industry, initiating the o2o marketing mode of the engineering industry, and injecting fresh vitality into the development of the industry with internet thinking. In addition, Sany will also launch multiple concessions online and offline, such as the direct price reduction discount of the national third automobile, the super value discount of new cars, and the one for ten discount of the crowdfunding deposit. I hope to use more practical discounts, better products, and better services to give better support to customers, seize the favorable opportunities with customers, create more beauty, and make value up, career up, and life up

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