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Sany intelligent fully automatic combined coal mining unit is about to come out

recently, a message came from Sany Heavy equipment that the company is about to launch a set of highly automated fully mechanized mining equipment - intelligent fully automatic combined coal mining unit. This set of equipment is the first fully automated coal mining unit in China, which can effectively solve the problems of low automation, low safety and production efficiency, poor product compatibility and so on

through in-depth insight into the development of the future coal industry through the consumer market, the trend is to be intelligent when the 5502 converter supplies power to the 24VDC of 7993, so as to maximize the safety of coal miners. The intelligent fully automatic combined coal mining unit developed by Sany Heavy equipment has the characteristics of "four heights"

first, high security. This set of coal mining unit has a perfect safety monitoring and early warning system, and its degree of automation can greatly reduce the number of workers in the working face, realize the maximum unmanned working face, and reduce the risk of mine accidents and the number of casualties

second, high reliability. The key parts and vulnerable parts of the equipment are supplied by well-known suppliers selected from all over the world. The adoption of the new structure makes assembly and maintenance more convenient. The electrical components are the products of well-known professional suppliers at home and abroad, with strong shock resistance and moisture resistance. The control system adopts hardware redundancy design method, which improves the reliability of the overall system

third, high production efficiency. According to the geological conditions of different coal mines, the R & D personnel designed the corresponding control procedures to reduce the auxiliary time except coal cutting, so as to maximize the output

fourth, high automation. The shearer has the functions of automatic height adjustment, automatic adjustment of traction speed, memory coal cutting, video monitoring of the working face, etc., which can meet the needs of various complex working conditions of the working face, and provide different modes of operation according to the occurrence conditions that the coal seam instigation light should be on

at present, this set of impact test low-temperature trough technical agreement combined coal mining unit has entered the trial production stage, and the product model is about to be serialized, which can meet the requirements of annual output of 800000 tons to 12million tons. It is expected to go down the shaft in July next year

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