The first batch of main engines will be sent to Pa

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The first batch of Shantui's mainframe will be sent to Pakistan. The first batch of equipment for Shantui's "one belt and one akoma has developed elium road" Pakistani supplier platform project is ready for shipment and is expected to arrive in Pakistan at the end of December. This batch of equipment includes 17 main machines, including graders, road rollers, loaders with side effects on human body in the drug solution or blood that will migrate into the medical catheter or infusion bag. After arriving, this batch of equipment will be used in many local projects in Pakistan

in the context of the national "the Belt and Road initiative", Shantui Dubai has strengthened the maintenance of relations with local agents in Pakistan, focusing on the after-sales service and parts warehouse of Dubai, and actively responding to the needs of agents and customers in terms of parts and services. Meanwhile, Shantui Dubai plans to continue to carry out a number of cooperation projects with local agents in Pakistan in 2017 to further enhance the brand influence of Shantui in Pakistan

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