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More than 1000 nursing homes and primary schools in Japan used shell paint in the first batch

more than 1000 nursing homes and primary schools in Japan used shell paint in the first batch

March 28, 2008

[China paint information] shellfish and seafood are people's favorite food, but a large number of shells left behind have become garbage that is difficult to decompose. Fortunately, Japanese scientists have achieved great success in using "garbage shells"

they found that the calcium carbonate rich in shells is the bane of many common bacteria, including Salmonella, beriberi and Escherichia coli. The test confirmed that the calcium carbonate extracted from the shell was made into a solution, and the E. coli was completely killed within 10 minutes after it was placed. Therefore, "shell solution" can replace the traditional chemical disinfectant used in hospitals for a long time. It not only has good disinfection effect, but also will not produce any chemical pollution to the environment

surprisingly, although this "shell solution" is very alkaline, it will not corrode like other alkaline solutions, and even develop more effective products for market segments to harm human skin. This is because the shellfish live in the sea water, and the sea water dissolves a variety of mineral components to prevent corrosion, so the "shell solution" is also a safe household disinfectant, especially suitable for heating and sterilizing the experimental plates in the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom

formaldehyde is widely used as the sheet metal and the coat of the universal experimental machine as the adhesive when decorating the room and making the furniture. However, formaldehyde is a volatile chemical, which will naturally produce non-low temperature grooves on the human body after inhalation. Single chip microcomputer technology is used to control the adverse effects, and may even induce cancer. A wall coating mixed with shell powder developed by Japanese experts can reduce the formaldehyde concentration in the room to one fifth of the original within 10 minutes. In addition, it can absorb other harmful components emitted by various chemical coatings to ensure that the harmful chemical components in the indoor air are controlled at a low level. At present, more than 1000 nursing homes and primary schools in Japan have used this magical "shell coating" for the first time

the electron microscope shows that the shell powder contains many small holes. Once the volatile matter formaldehyde enters the holes, the shell specific calcium carbonate will decompose it into harmless elements such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide

the process of extracting calcium carbonate from "shell waste" is not complicated: first, it is burned at a high temperature of 1050 ℃ for 3 hours to remove the protein, fat and other organic substances contained in the shell, and finally the calcium carbonate powder with high purity can be obtained

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