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On October 23, 2015, Jiangling heavy truck held a ceremony for the first batch of M1 sample cars in Taiyuan factory. This M1 sample car was developed by the new technical team according to the current market demand for heavy trucks. It is also the first sample car after Jiangling acquired Chang'an heavy truck. It also paves the way for the subsequent introduction of Ford technology with stable and reliable performance

for M1 sample cars, Jiangling heavy truck did not reduce about 11.36 PCT year-on-year. Please tell us more details. Since the establishment of Jiangling heavy truck for more than 2 years, it has not made much moves, and it has made few external voices. However, in October last year, some media exposed the spy photos of Jiangling heavy truck's new products. From the spy photos, the appearance design is relatively conventional. The vehicle is configured as a domestic conventional powertrain, and the model is positioned as a dump truck, without the shadow of a Ford truck. Therefore, the analysis shows that the M1 sample car is based on the domestic mainstream models, and the product should have no prominent features

a relevant person of Jiangling heavy truck said: "the sample car does not fully represent the product strength of Jiangling heavy truck. Ford technology heavy truck is the representative of Jiangling heavy truck."

since Jiangling Automobile publicized that it wanted to be a heavy truck, people in the industry inevitably began to discuss that this enterprise, whose products are booming in light passenger, light truck, pickup truck and SUV, has no heavy truck production experience. How will he make the heavy truck? At this time, the news of Jiangling's cooperation with Ford spread. Up to now, the cooperation progress between Jiangling and Ford is still the focus of media attention in the truck industry

it is understood that the cooperation project between Jiangling Motors and Ford is also in full swing. On July 24, Jiangling Motors announced that Jiangling intends to sign the Jiangling brand J19 heavy truck project technology license contract with Ford. "Contract technology" refers to the technology related to the design, manufacture and service of specific Ford brand heavy truck chassis, cab and its parts, including licensed chassis technology and licensed cab technology

it can be seen that both parties have made adequate preparations in product introduction, technical support and management. However, the current domestic heavy truck production capacity is far greater than the demand. As far as Jiangling heavy truck is concerned, 4 the market competition will be more brutal in the future. Can ford win more for Jiangling in the heavy truck market? At this point, we cannot assert

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