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The first batch of national green industry demonstration bases announced that three development zones were selected - Jiangsu "green answer sheet" was added with the first one in the country. Release date: Source: wangshenghua, a 65 year old Changzhou citizen in Jiangsu, China, has a fixed morning exercise routine - every morning, he comes to the "city living room" only 200 meters away from home to play Tai Chi, and then goes to the library to read the book. Unlike other places, this "city living room" is not a park in the traditional sense, but a waste incineration power plant. It is located at the junction of residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas and tourist attractions with high strength, good toughness, light weight, high light transmittance, good conductivity and other characteristics, and is "in close contact" with ordinary citizens. Recently, I came to this waste incineration power plant - there is no fence here, but there are squares, fountains, libraries, basketball courts, coffee bars and other facilities, attracting a large number of citizens to "punch in"

before the transformation of waste to energy power plants, this was not the case here. The green "transformation" of this land has also become a microcosm of the transformation and development of Changzhou Economic Development Zone - among the first batch of 31 green industry demonstration bases recently identified by the state, three development zones in Jiangsu have been selected, ranking first in the country in total. Changzhou economic development zone is among them, witnessing the vivid practice of the "two mountain concept" in our province

the emerging industry is "green to the end"

"it used to dispose of garbage, which is dirty and messy. In 2006, it was said that this garbage incineration power generation project would be introduced, and everyone was worried that the environment would further deteriorate." On the square of the power plant, wangshenghua told that when local people were invited to visit the plant for the first time, everyone wore masks. It was found that it was completely unnecessary because there was no smell in the whole process

walking into the central working area of the plant, we also found that although we can see clearly through the glass, a garbage mountain with more than five floors is in front of us, and the large mechanical arm also continuously sends garbage to the incinerator, the air we breathe is still fresh. A person in charge of Everbright environmental energy (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the construction of the power plant, told: "the company has specially developed a flue gas purification system. The flue gas emission standard is higher than the national standard. Moreover, it has taken the initiative to contact the environmental protection Department, upload data in real time, and accept 24-hour supervision from the government, such as car interiors and the public." In order to completely eliminate the concerns of local residents, the power plant was officially opened to the outside world in July 2020, becoming the first "urban living room" and "neighborhood factory" built in an urban community in China with no walls, full opening, ultra-low emissions and many facilities for the convenience and benefit of the people

what is more important is that domestic waste is "turned into treasure" here. By january25,2021, the power plant has treated more than 4909400 tons of domestic waste, 1018900 tons of leachate, generated more than 1268 million kwh of electricity and supplied 1.028 billion kwh of electricity

promote "green" industrialization, and more characteristic enterprises compete as "boosters" in various demonstration bases. Located in Suzhou Lishen intelligent workshop of Suzhou hi tech Zone, it takes only 1 minute to produce 200 lithium batteries the size of No. 5 battery. In a short time, they will be transported to the new energy automobile factory and become the core components of electric vehicles

"compared with common lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are more durable and small in size, although their unit price is more expensive. More importantly, lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals and are more environmentally friendly when recycled." Mahongyue, assistant general manager of Lishen battery Suzhou company, introduced that at present, the company can provide supporting facilities for nearly 100000 new energy vehicles a year when the production line is fully loaded

goodway, which is also rooted in Suzhou high tech Zone, is a leading enterprise in the field of clean power conversion in China. The inverter developed and produced has been sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world on a large scale. In 2019, the shipment of household energy storage inverter also ranked first in the global market with the initials of COMAC, the abbreviation of COMAC. In 2020, it was successfully listed on the science and innovation board, with a market value of more than 20billion yuan. "In addition to cooperating in the construction of large-scale ground power stations, we also serve families with photovoltaic panels on their roofs." Wangyinchao, director of goodway securities, said, "although our mini household inverter is only the size of A4 paper, it can also store electricity during the day and discharge electricity at night. Users can not only pay less or no electricity bills, but also sell excess electricity to power companies to bring benefits."

"by 2020, there are 106 key green industry enterprises in the region, and the added value of green industry accounts for more than 35% of the industrial added value of the park." The relevant person in charge of Suzhou high tech Zone Economic Development Committee said

traditional industries are "green"

"green industry is not an absolute concept. In fact, most industries have a certain" green content ", and the key lies in how they" green " During the interview, a relevant person in charge of the local government said to. According to relevant documents, it is also known that one of the original intentions of the national development and Reform Commission and other departments to organize the construction of green industry demonstration bases is to continuously improve the degree of green industry agglomeration in each park. On the one hand, it is necessary to cultivate green industry increment, on the other hand, it is also necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of existing green industries

shutdown, transfer and renovation, and elimination of backward production capacity have become one of the development directions of Suzhou high tech Zone in recent years. "From 2018 to November 2020, the district has eliminated 229 enterprises with low-end, inefficient and backward production capacity, including 71 in 2018, 64 in 2019 and 94 in 2020." The relevant person in charge of the economic development committee of Suzhou high tech Zone listed a set of data, "at the same time, the comprehensive compressive strength of cartons in the zone has carried out the centralized touch and discharge of industrial furnaces. At present, no unqualified industrial furnaces that need to be rectified and disposed have been found."

xuxiaowen, director of resource conservation and environmental protection division of Suzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced that in order to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to update equipment and eliminate backward production capacity, Suzhou high tech Zone, in the newly revised support policy for high quality industrial development of Suzhou high tech Zone, will reward the projects listed in the elimination of backward production capacity plan at or above the provincial level and the projects of enterprises' independent elimination of backward production capacity according to the net asset value of the eliminated equipment. At present, Suzhou high tech Zone has transferred a total of 5million "de capacity" incentive funds to various sectors

"it is also necessary for the environmental protection industry to transform to a green industry." A person in charge of Yancheng environmental protection high tech Zone said that the traditional environmental protection industry has its limitations. It often allows enterprises to passively increase costs to achieve environmental protection indicators, rather than efficiently achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon environmental protection goals. "Therefore, we propose to reposition the development direction in combination with the upstream and downstream of the industry." According to the person in charge, upward, the park actively develops energy efficient utilization industry and cleaner production industry; In the downward direction, the park develops the recycling industry, opens up the energy-saving, emission reduction and sustainable green industry chain, and newly introduces projects such as CRRC super capacitor bus, Japan Toray membrane module, waste high-efficiency incinerator and energy-saving boiler

energy conservation, emission reduction and "green" development, in addition to "autonomy", we should also "co governance". On the SD smart energy cloud platform of Suntech, the energy consumption data of enterprise energy storage, charging pile, smart lighting and so on are clear at a glance. Through the large screen, you can view the enterprise's real-time rate, power generation, equivalent carbon saving, etc. "As the operation and maintenance party of platform construction, we have accessed the energy consumption data of 15 key energy users in the high tech Zone by the end of 2019 in accordance with the 'requirements for monitoring the energy consumption of millions of key energy users', and monitored 57 energy consumption indicators, which not only provides support for enterprises to tap the potential of energy conservation, but also helps the industry, information technology, environmental protection and other departments to systematically control energy conservation and consumption reduction." Said liumeiyun, general manager of Suzhou sugaoxin Energy Service Co., Ltd

it is a kind of affirmation to jointly cultivate the "Green Foundation"

as a demonstration base. In the interview, the three homesteads regarded it as a kind of demonstration base. "For us, this is just the beginning. Next, we should answer the era proposition of green development." Li Bin, deputy director of the Economic Development Bureau of Changzhou Economic Development Zone, told us that by the end of 2019, Changzhou economic development zone had 610 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, including 212 enterprises in green leading industries, accounting for 34.75%. In 2019, the output value of green leading industries reached 113.529 billion, accounting for 55.90%. In the next five years, Changzhou economic and Technological Development Zone will continue to promote the investment of various production factors in green industries and form a joint force to consolidate the "Green Foundation" of the industry

to this end, Changzhou Economic Development Zone has made an article on land, the most basic resource, highlighting the "hero based on yield per mu" orientation, and matching the best quality resources to the most "green" enterprises. At the same time, the park improves the green development incentive system, gives full play to the guiding role of the government in the market-oriented and diversified ecological protection compensation, and uses financial incentives, interest subsidies, risk compensation and other means to guide the transformation of resource consumption and production mode

guided by the government, help more enterprises become part of the "Green Foundation" spontaneously. "In the past, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the park faced difficulties in implementing the disposal of hazardous wastes and high disposal costs." The person in charge of Changzhou Yongbao environmental protection company told that due to the small amount of hazardous waste in small and medium-sized enterprises, professional treatment companies are often unwilling to "take over" or deliberately raise prices, which indirectly increases the operating costs of enterprises and may lead to environmental protection problems. The company has built a 5000 ton/year hazardous waste collection, storage and classification system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region, such as machinery, metallurgy and electronics, as well as an intelligent information-based supervision platform for waste transfer and disposal. It has become a shared environmental protection public infrastructure that can accommodate about 90% of the waste output of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region

talents are also the "root" of green industry, and high-end scientific and innovative talents are the power source for green enterprises to leap forward. In Suzhou high tech Zone, the deep integration of "industry, University, research and application" has penetrated into every corner. "At present, the park has gathered more than 100 'big institutes' such as the Institute of medical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Suzhou Institute of environmental innovation of Tsinghua University, and the Suzhou Institute of innovation of Nanjing University. More than 1300 R & D institutions above the municipal level have been approved, and more than 2300 industry university research cooperation projects have been approved. It has become a national demonstration area for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in southern Jiangsu." Introduction by relevant person in charge of Suzhou high tech Zone Economic Development Committee

the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that at present, Jiangsu provincial government has issued special policies to support the development of green industries. In March last year, the province issued the opinions of the provincial government on promoting the development of green industries, made specific arrangements for comprehensively promoting the development of green industries in the province, defined the guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives for the development of green industries in Jiangsu from the near term to 2022 and the long term to 2030, and proposed to accelerate the construction of a green technology innovation system, comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of green industries, expand and strengthen the development carrier of green industries Actively expand the development space of green industry, improve the system and mechanism for the development of green industry and improve the implementation guarantee system, so as to cultivate and form new momentum for the development of green industry

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