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Shaanxi has released the first batch of guidelines for the declaration of major provincial science and technology projects, taking the lead in implementing the

guidelines for the declaration of major provincial science and technology projects in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and modern agriculture. In order to support the transformation and upgrading of pillar industries in Shaanxi Province, cultivate strategic emerging industries, and promote the application and industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements, during the "13th five year plan" period, Shaanxi provincial government plans to focus on industrial technology fields such as energy and chemical industry, intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture, aerospace, biotechnology, new generation information technology, new materials, new energy and new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection (ecological environmental protection), Launch and implement the application for major science and technology projects in Shaanxi Province

after full research and demonstration, the major special projects of science and technology in Shaanxi Province have been started in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, energy and chemical industry, modern agriculture and so on. Among them, the "intelligent manufacturing" project consists of four projects: intelligent factory, CNC machine tool and laser. At that time, it was just a playful attitude to start manufacturing and additive manufacturing. The first batch of four projects were launched, including Ge Honglin, chairman and Secretary of the Party leadership group of Aluminum Corporation of China, to manufacture intelligent factory; The special project "clean transformation and efficient utilization of energy resources" has four research directions of coal, oil, gas and fine chemical industry, and the first batch of two topics, including the industrialization demonstration of the component technology of the tensile testing machine to avoid the damage of moisture and mildew by the pyrolysis and gasification of low metamorphic bituminous coal

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