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The first batch of local hydrogen energy electric vehicles in Shanxi Province has come.

it only takes 6 to 10 minutes from charging the two ends connected to the capacitor for 2 hours to hydrogenation. Hydrogen energy electric vehicles have taken another big step on the basis of pure electric vehicles. This step can reach places 320 kilometers away. "I'm very happy and proud, but more of it is like walking on thin ice. We must make continuous progress before we fall back." Said yuzhiyuan, general manager of Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. On August 8, the first batch of hydrogen energy electric vehicles independently developed and produced by Shanxi Province went offline in Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone, marking the entry of Shanxi's local automobile industry into the "hydrogen era"

Shanxi has built the largest production base of new energy passenger cars and special vehicles in China.

it is understood that Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has built a new energy automobile production base in Xiaohe Industrial Park, Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone. The project belongs to the new energy automobile industry cluster. Among them, phase I covers an area of 800 mu, with a planned investment of 3billion yuan. It mainly produces new energy passenger cars, special vehicles and spare parts. Phase I produces 10000 new energy large and medium-sized passenger cars and 30000 special vehicles in double shifts

since its establishment in 2017, Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always been in line with the world, leading in China, creating Shanxi brand, and building the largest new energy bus and special vehicle production base in China; There are 120000 square meters of the largest single plant in the domestic bus industry; In addition, the most advanced cathode electrophoresis production line for passenger cars has been built in China. At present, Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has the development and manufacturing capacity of new energy vehicles, and the production capacity of phase I reaches an annual output of 10000 new energy large and medium-sized buses and 30000 new energy special vehicles

according to yuzhiyuan, the company takes science and technology as the engine to "carve out a new path", focuses on scientific and technological innovation in the hydrogen energy industry, establishes four research institutes, and has successively introduced more than 20 domestic and foreign scientists and academicians of the Academy of engineering as the leaders of the R & D team. At the same time, the new energy vehicle R & D and manufacturing team of Shanghai WorldExpo is also introduced to be responsible for the R & D and production of pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles in Dezhi era. "At present, our R & D team is close to 200 people, distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Shenzhen. Each region is good at different technologies. In the future, we will focus on training local talents and recruiting relevant excellent personnel on university campuses." Yuzhiyuan said

with short filling time and long endurance, hydrogen energy electric vehicles have become the "class representatives" of new energy.

oil, natural gas, coal and petroleum gas can be directly exploited and used. They are all non renewable resources. The earth's stock is limited, and they will always be consumed by human beings. However, human beings cannot live without energy at any time, so we must find new energy. As we all know, hydrogen energy is recognized as a clean energy, which stands out as a zero carbon energy. Hydrogen energy electric vehicles are also well deserved excellent "class representatives" of new energy

apart from the advantages that are easy to think of - zero carbon and no pollution, what other advantages are there? On August 10, Shanxi Evening news came to the commissioning workshop of Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to find the answer

I felt very small when I walked into the workshop covering 313 mu. "Even though there are hundreds of people working in our workshop, it is difficult for you to see a few people here. They are like 'hidden cats'." The staff of Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said humorously. Clean workshops, rows of brand-new vehicles and advanced debugging tools emit "iron hormone". Among the numerous vehicle teams, there are two "excellent representatives" wearing big red flowers. It turns out that they are the first hydrogen energy electric vehicles. They have a perfect figure, 4.5m long, 2.5m wide and 3.1m high. One is pure white, simple and generous, and the other is white and black with blue edges, beautiful and young

short filling time, long range, greatly improved safety and continued to achieve zero emission. Pure electric vehicles need to be charged for 2 hours, while hydrogen energy electric vehicles only need 6 to 10 minutes, which can be roughly divided into three types. The speed of hydrogenation depends on the hydrogen pressure of the hydrogen storage tank. In 10 minutes at most, you can run 320 kilometers

"we have passed the quality supervision and inspection of Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, the most authoritative testing institution in China, and the customers are very satisfied. These hydrogen energy electric vehicles are independently developed and produced by Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd." Deputy general manager yangyaofeng introduced

the structure is no different from that of an ordinary bus. The core and secret are in the rear engine cover. Shanxi Evening News walked into the hydrogen energy electric bus and found that it is no different from an ordinary bus. It has the same bus seat, the same driver's seat and the same front and rear doors. Accurate figures such as battery voltage, battery current, motor temperature and endurance mileage are displayed on the item in front of the driver's seat. Compared with pure electric vehicles, a new green plastic material is added here, which is increasingly widely used in the construction market: the content of hydrogen. "This is not the key, the most important thing is behind." Yu Zhiyuan took the Shanxi Evening News to the back of the car and opened the rear hood. He pointed to a metal part inside and said that this is the core and secret of the entire hydrogen energy electric bus

in order to better display this proud technology, Shanxi Evening News followed yuzhiyuan to the exhibition hall. Here are some important parts of the company. He went straight to the innermost part and uncovered the red cloth. He said: "this is our treasure and secret. The fourth generation hydrogen fuel engine is more advanced than the hydrogen bus we just saw. It is the third generation. It was developed by our research and development team. It is 25% more powerful than the bus we just saw. This is not the end. We will be higher and more advanced."

yuzhiyuan was very clear about every part in the exhibition hall. The more he said it, the more excited he became. Born in SAIC, he has great feelings for Shanxi, which is also a higher level for him to realize his self-worth. His independent research and development makes him excited. He said that Shanxi is a depression of the automobile industry and has great advantages in building the hydrogen energy automobile industry chain. Shanxi has the cost advantage of electricity, which is two-thirds of the cost in other regions, which means that the cost of electrolyte hydrogen in Shanxi is leading in China. "Hydrogen energy is closely related to coal. Our industry in Shanxi is rich in hydrogen. These advantages are conducive to our industry to become a national leader." The twinkling stars in yuzhiyuan's eyes seem to indicate that Shanxi's hydrogen energy technology will have a remarkable position in the country in the future

by building an industrial chain to help Shanxi transform and develop and achieve the goal of "clearing the province with hydrogen city"

Li Dezhi, chairman of Shanxi Dezhi Times New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise has deeply cultivated cutting-edge technology and has nearly 100 core patented technologies in the fuel cell field, such as high-efficiency small volume hydrogen fuel cell engine and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle emission optimization device. We will comprehensively lay out industries such as catalysts, bipolar plates, stack assemblies, fuel cell systems, and fuel cell vehicles, build a complete hydrogen energy industry chain from materials to finished vehicles, and create a green, energy-saving, efficient, intelligent, low-carbon clean energy future technology and intelligent manufacturing system

"in the future, efforts will be made to form a hydrogen energy supply industrial chain in Shanxi from hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation, hydrogenation to detection, as well as a hydrogen application terminal R & D and manufacturing industrial chain from raw materials, parts, assemblies to finished vehicles, so as to form a complete regional supporting supply and demand network." Lidezhi said

"we should help Shanxi's transformation and development by building an industrial chain. We should select standard samples to conduct experiments on impact testing machines in three groups to repay the people of Shanxi. We should really take Shanxi as the leader, drive the national clean energy industry to become the world's largest, and finally achieve the goal of" clearing the province with hydrogen "and truly explore a new path of transformation and development!" For future development, Lidezhi is full of confidence

Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone has given great help in the construction of factory buildings and policy assistance. Dongliang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone, said that as the leading area of the province's energy revolution, Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone attaches great importance to promoting the construction of ecological civilization, improving the utilization rate of energy resources, striving to achieve a win-win situation between energy conservation and consumption reduction and economic and social development, and provides strong policy support for it. It is hoped that the two sides, based on strategic cooperation, will fully grasp the development opportunities brought about by the energy revolution and add new impetus to the transformation and comprehensive reform. Shanxi transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration zone will, as always, do a good job in various services, support and guide enterprises to increase innovation, and help enterprises develop rapidly with high quality

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