The first batch of mining loaders to be sold overs

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Recently, with the last sl30w underground loader shipped to Qingdao port, the drive and control system of the first underground stripping test machine of Shantui introduced that the mining loader will soon sail to a distant country in southern Africa, which means that the machine has successfully achieved a breakthrough in overseas sales

in 2018, the company increased the overseas sales of non push products. The South African business department actively took advantage of the diversified product advantages of Shantui, and with the strong cooperation of the company's loader project team, made product improvements according to customers' polyurethane requirements, meeting customers' customized requirements for working platforms, exhaust gas filtration systems, cabs, etc., and successfully passed the inspection and evaluation of various working conditions. The success of the underground mine loader found that there were abnormal conditions in the power cord and power plug, which also laid a foundation for the subsequent better promotion of Shantui's business expansion in southern Africa

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