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The first batch of model workers and craftsmen of Baoji Machine Tool Group went to Dalian and Shenyang for study and investigation

] recently, Baoji Machine Tool Group organized model workers and craftsmen of Baoji Machine Tool Group to Dalian, Shenyang and other important industrial cities in Northeast China for on-the-spot study and charging. The model worker delegation visited and inspected the famous enterprises in the industry such as Lian THK, Dalian Kaile, Wafangdian, Shenyang machine tool, and fully communicated with the leaders and employees of the visited company

this activity was organized by the labor union of the group company and led by HouLei, deputy general manager of the group company. On September 14, a group of 20 model workers arrived at Dalian THK factory and began their study. In the next few days, we conducted field research on enterprises such as Dalian kaitler, Wafangdian bearings and Shenyang machine tools. With the original intention of learning from each other, learning from each other's strong points and making common progress, we have a detailed understanding of the practices and ideas of each enterprise in terms of production and operation, technological innovation, on-site management, corporate culture and future development. The members of the delegation praised the achievements and experience gained in the work of the visited enterprises, and they were more suitable for direct contact with human skin. They thanked them for their open and inclusive mind. They were determined to fully apply the new experience and new ideas learned this time to their own work, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of the group company under the guidance of the mission of building China's good machine tools with ingenuity

in recent years, the group company has attached great importance to the construction of talent team, insisted on promoting and making the leading products reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products; Advocating the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, starting with system construction, we have established and improved the growth channels for all kinds of talents, encouraged employees to give full play to their role as masters, constantly innovate and be willing to contribute, and a large number of advanced models have emerged from various posts. The model workers who went to Dalian, Shenyang and other places to study and investigate this time are excellent representatives of various positions in the group company in recent years. They are the backbone of production and operation and technical elites. They give full play to their creative potential in their respective positions, reflect the overall situation, keep improving and pioneering and innovative style, and interpret the craftsman spirit of Baoji with hard work

at the farewell party before departure, chairman Li Qiang placed high hopes on model workers and craftsmen. He hoped that all model workers would cherish this opportunity to study, broaden their horizons, and relax. After coming back, we will continue to shoulder the responsibility, be modest and prudent, make persistent efforts, give play to the role of demonstration and guidance, make new achievements in our own posts, and help the enterprise realize the development concept of sharing the benefits and achievements of enterprise development and employees

(original title: the first batch of model workers and craftsmen of Baoji Machine Tool Group went to Dalian and Shenyang for study and investigation)

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