The first batch of orders for the hottest BYD fork

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BYD forklifts received the first orders in Singapore

"up to 400 sets will be sold in Singapore in the next three years". Multisource, which has just signed an electric forklift agency agreement with BYD, expects

recently, BYD signed an agency agreement with Singapore multisource distribution services PTE. Ltd. and the purchase contract for the first batch of electric forklifts. Multisource officially became the Singapore agent of BYD forklifts, responsible for the sales and promotion of BYD forklifts in Singapore. At present, multisource is negotiating sales and leasing with a number of multinational logistics and catering giants in Singapore

Mr. liuxueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific Automotive Sales Division, Ms. maojunxiu, general manager of BYD Singapore, and others witnessed the signing ceremony. Liuxueliang said: "looking at the world, electrification is the general trend. The participants from multisource gave a speech: the cooperation is exciting, which will greatly promote the electrification process of the forklift industry in Singapore."

director LAN Jiangfan said: "BYD's pure electric forklift is not only zero emission, pollution-free, has a long service life, but also has a significantly lower energy consumption cost than the forklifts on the market. It will save customers considerable operating costs in some advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, cutting-edge new materials and other fields. In addition, we attach great importance to the advanced technology of BYD's electric forklift."

BYD electric forklift adopts the world's leading iron battery technology, and is equipped with a series of advanced technologies, such as high-intelligent electric control system, power management system, automatic fork leveling function, OPS safety warning, etc. it can be quickly charged and used at any time, which is not only safe and stable, but also saves customers a lot of operating expenses. Despite the price pressure of competitive products, BYD electric vehicle has won the favor of local agents and end customers with its unique product performance advantages and more economical life cycle cost

BYD electric forklift officially landed in Singapore on november18,2015, attracting representatives of 40 well-known enterprises in the fields of manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and transportation in Singapore, including CWT, a leading enterprise in the warehousing and logistics industry, as well as forklift agents

as an important part of BYD's 7+4 full market coverage strategy, BYD's electric forklift now covers electric balanced forklift and electric stacking forklift, which just meets the needs of car enterprises for material recycling and reuse. There are many series of cars, electric forward moving forklift and electric pallet forklift. BYD electric forklift will continue to make greater contributions to the construction of a garden city in Singapore in collaboration with the E6 fleet operating in Singapore. In the future, BYD will consider continuing to expand the new energy vehicle product camp in Singapore and assist Singapore to realize the full electrification of urban road transportation

in recent years, BYD electric forklift has successfully entered many strategic markets such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Germany, with a cumulative global sales of more than 5500 vehicles. It is gradually breaking the long-term monopoly of international forklift giants and redefining the new pattern of the global forklift market

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