The first batch of new energy car owners in China

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The first batch of new energy vehicle owners in China are in trouble: they can't be repaired! I can't afford it

at the initial stage of the introduction of electric vehicles, people still chose them with a try mentality. However, with the passage of time, people found that there were too many problems caused by electric vehicles. Now people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of cars when buying cars. Many automobile manufacturers pay attention to the research and development of environmentally friendly cars. Many buses use natural gas or pure electric vehicles. And now there are many electric cars in our life

at the initial stage of the introduction of electric vehicles, people still chose them with a try mentality. However, as time goes on, people have found that electric vehicles need to bring too many problems. The first thing to say is the loss of electric vehicles. The most obvious loss of electric vehicles is the loss of batteries

Ms. Li bought an electric car three years ago. The salesperson said that she could travel about 200 kilometers with a single charge of electricity. However, as time went on, she found that the distance of the electric car she bought was getting shorter and shorter. Up to now, she can only travel about 50 or 60 kilometers, which is not as far as the current electric motorcycle

so Ms. Li came to the car repair shop. The staff of the car repair shop told Ms. Li that the battery life of her car had reached its end, and it was normal to drive forty or fifty kilometers. However, when asked the staff of the 4S shop about the price of replacing the battery, Ms. Li was shocked by the price of the battery. The staff told Ms. Li that it would cost about 80000 yuan to replace a battery. This is very difficult for Ms. Li to accept, because at that time, it only cost 70000 to buy a car. Now, the money for changing a battery is actually more expensive than buying a car

the staff of the car repair shop explained this because when Ms. Li bought the car, she enjoyed the preferential policies and subsidies of the state. But now, when she changes the battery, she does not enjoy the preferential policies and subsidies of the state. Therefore, the battery can only be replaced at the original price. The cost of the battery is relatively high, which involves the profits of the supplier, the manufacturer and the charging supplier, so there is no way to give preferential treatment unilaterally. It seems that there is some cheating. The driving life of a motor vehicle, such as the shaking of the force value at the point of electric submission, is surprisingly so short, while the cost of replacing the battery is ridiculously high

in addition, the electric vehicle industry is just starting, many technologies are not mature enough, and the quality of the produced vehicles is not enough to satisfy people

take an example. In the past two months, there was a typhoon. In many places, there were heavy rains and floods. However, ordinary cars would be fine if they didn't start

however, once an electric vehicle is soaked in water, the vehicle will be scrapped. Because electric vehicles mainly rely on electricity to transmit power, so once soaked in water, the motor will be scrapped. However, the motor of an electric vehicle cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. In addition, the battery is soaked in water. These maintenance costs are enough to buy a new vehicle, but not repairing the vehicle is like a piece of scrap iron, It's not worth selling

for electric cars and fuel vehicles, some friends have calculated an account:

the electricity consumption is 14 degrees per hundred kilometers (Baidu's, I don't know whether it is accurate). The electricity consumption is 0.6 yuan per hour, 14*0.6=8.4 yuan, and the gasoline consumption is 8L per hundred kilometers (ordinary household cars). Now it is 7 yuan per liter, 56 yuan per hundred kilometers, the average annual fuel cost is 10000 kilometers, and the gasoline consumption is 4760 yuan more. However, the battery life of the electric car is only 5 years. The electric car with a range of 200 kilometers has been used for 5 years. Especially in winter, it is good to have a range of 50 kilometers! For an electric car worth 100000 yuan, replacing the battery will cost at least 50000 yuan! In the past five years, gasoline vehicle maintenance (i.e. changing the engine oil + filter element) plus an additional 4700 yuan per year for fuel consumption is almost the same as changing the battery! The residual value of a 100000 yuan fuel car will be 50000 yuan five years later. However, no one wants any more electric cars of the same price. It is difficult to sell them for 20000 yuan (it will cost another 50000 yuan to replace the battery)

to sum up, it is concluded that from the perspective of ordinary people, it is better to buy fuel vehicles to maintain value

after talking about the high cost of replacing batteries, let's talk about the hidden dangers of battery power falsely marked: there is suddenly no electricity on the highway, and pure electric vehicles are rear ended by large trucks

according to Dahe news, on September 30, when introducing the accident, the police of the traffic police brigade of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway of Luohe traffic management detachment still regretted it

according to the police, at about 13:40 on September 20, it was drizzling. When Yang drove Yu a556** heavy-duty grate truck from south to north to 786km+850m of Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway (Luohe section), he hit the rear end of Yu ad372** small new energy truck driven by Tang, causing damage to both vehicles to varying degrees

picture source: after receiving the alarm, the police of the traffic police brigade of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway of Luohe traffic management detachment rushed to the scene to investigate the scene, fix the evidence, ease the traffic, and then assist 120 medical staff to rescue the wounded. It was confirmed by the medical staff that Li, the passenger of the new energy vehicle, died on the spot, and Wen, the other passenger, was slightly injured and sent to the hospital

after investigation, there was no braking trace of the truck at the scene. After the driver surrendered, he said that he did not notice the ultra-low speed car due to fatigue driving at the time of the incident. According to Tangmou, a new energy vehicle driver, he went to the expressway from Zhumadian. At that time, the vehicle showed that it could travel 175 kilometers. When he reached the section where the incident occurred, he changed lanes from the second lane to the fourth lane due to lack of power. He thought of charging in the service area, and then was hit by a truck

the traffic police of Luohe Expressway warned that the pure electric vehicle should reasonably plan its journey before traveling, pay attention to the power consumption, and charge in the service area in advance

however, it is noted that in the more than 80000 comments in the comment area below, many friends pointed out that since the same problem vehicle can travel 175 kilometers, it should be easy to reach the next service area. Why is the battery suddenly low

when the electric quantity and mileage of the electric vehicle are inconsistent with the label, the "research and development and utilization demonstration of energy-saving intelligent CNC plastic injection machine" project undertaken by Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. and other units was approved in 2013, it may cause a series of problems, such as not daring to drive far away, panic when encountering traffic jam, etc. To be fair, it is rare for a large truck to rear end the vehicle due to insufficient power

the industry alarm has sounded

whether the highway suddenly runs out of power or the battery is more expensive than the car, it points to the difficulties faced by new energy vehicles in terms of endurance. On the one hand, it may be that the technical level is not enough, the service life is not enough, and the replacement cost is expensive; On the other hand, it is the widely criticized phenomenon of false scale of mileage and battery capacity

8. Problems found during normal use should be inspected in a timely manner. It is worth noting that if the manufacturer is not strict with the quality standard of the battery, it will not only be the mileage, battery capacity, but also the safety factor that will be discounted

this year, the overall growth rate of domestic automobile sales fell, but the new energy vehicle market bucked the trend and became more and more hot. According to the data of all China Passenger Car Association, from January to August this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were 607000 and 601000 respectively, an increase of 75.4% and 88% over the same period last year

behind the booming sales, new energy vehicle safety accidents are happening frequently recently, which has sounded an alarm for the emerging industry

on August 31, a Lifan 650ev self ignited in Guangzhou; On August 26, a pure electric bus carrying watma battery in Tongling City, Anhui Province caught fire due to battery failure; On August 25, a Weima Ex5 electric vehicle ignited spontaneously in its Chengdu Research Institute; In May, a YEMA new energy vehicle spontaneously ignited during charging. The frequency of safety accidents caused by the fire of electric vehicles increased. There are factors such as the increase in sales of new energy vehicles and more vehicles put into use, but the deeper factor is the safety and quality of new energy vehicles. According to the securities times, some industry experts believe that an important reason is the adjustment of subsidy policies, which makes vehicle manufacturers overemphasize the improvement of battery energy density and pay insufficient attention to battery safety

in 2018, the state implemented new subsidy standards for new energy passenger vehicles. The subsidy amount for pure electric vehicles with a range of less than 300km decreased, while the subsidy for pure electric vehicles with a range of more than 300km increased

under the guidance of the new subsidy policy, new energy vehicles began to pursue high mileage, which requires an increase in the energy density of the battery. However, some battery factories are opportunistic. In order to shorten the development cycle, they often prefer the physical improvement scheme to bury potential safety hazards

however, there is also a view that there must be a contradiction between the high energy density and safety of new energy vehicles. The high nickel content of ternary materials means that the safety performance is reduced

it is noted that recently, the competent departments and bureaus have launched relevant vehicle safety early warning and major safety accident investigation mechanisms

on September 3, the equipment industry development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on carrying out special investigation of potential safety hazards of new energy passenger cars, requiring new energy passenger car manufacturers to carry out special investigation of potential safety hazards

on September 25, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on carrying out special investigation of potential safety hazards of new energy passenger vehicles and trucks, requiring new energy passenger vehicles and trucks manufacturers to carry out special investigation of potential safety hazards, which should also be completed by the end of October 2018


as a new technology, we must be very careful when purchasing electric vehicles. 2. The matters needing attention in the installation of plastic tensile machine are very careful. We should try to select big brands with quality assurance and be careful not to be trapped

in addition, it is also hoped that the country will also strictly control the quality of new energy vehicles when vigorously developing new energy, because it is vital and cannot tolerate any carelessness

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