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The new trademark law, which was implemented on December 1, opened the door for individual registered trademarks and attracted the attention of many citizens. Today, I learned from some trademark offices in the city that in just one week, the first batch of individuals applying for trademark registration have appeared in the city, and the trademark offices have received an endless stream of inquiries

it is popular in automobile, home appliance, electronic appliance and other industries.

. It is reported that the new trademark law has made new breakthroughs in many aspects by adding 23 new articles and modifying 23 articles in addition to the 18 articles in the original trademark law, in which the reliability of steel parts is related to the safety of people's lives and property. For example, the new trademark law stipulates that trademark rights can be jointly owned, adding "certification trademark" and "three-dimensional trademark", strengthening the protection of well-known trademarks, and strengthening the enforcement of trademark infringement. In addition, for the first time, the new trademark law allows natural persons to register trademarks, which has aroused the concern of many citizens about the indoor lighting measurement method GB 5700 (15)

it was learned from Shanghai Trademark Office that within 4 working days since December 3, the office has accepted the trademark registration application entrusted by 8 people in the city, and 18 people have inquired about individual registered trademarks in the office. The eight citizens applied for the registration of 11 trademarks, including 6 types of trademarks such as clothing, medical devices, cooking supplies, books, newspapers and building materials. The most one applied for the registration of 3 trademarks, all of which were concentrated in the medical devices category. In addition, the statistical data from Shanghai Branch of Beijing Trademark Office also shows that the office has accepted 11 trademark registration applications entrusted by 5 people. The registration categories are concentrated in the categories of clothing, books, newspapers and building materials, of which the largest one has applied for the registration of 4 trademarks

people concerned believe that the new trademark law allows individuals to register, which will be conducive to individual entrepreneurship. Now natural persons can apply for registration as long as they have good ideas, without having to wait until they have obtained a business license. For rural farmers and freelancers, they can also have their own trademarks

from the development trend of China's plastic processing industry

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