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With the popularity of household water purifiers, many families choose to install water purifiers to ensure the health of household water. But in the process of use, they encounter some headache problems, which make consumers miserable. For example, the kitchen type water purifier has been in the humid environment such as the kitchen for a long time, and the problem of water leakage and leakage has received special attention from consumers

according to the data, more than 50% of consumers have doubts about the "leakage and leakage" of the water purifier, and 24.22% of water purifier users said that there was leakage and leakage during the use of the water purifier. There are many reasons for water leakage of the water purifier, most of which are caused by problems in the parts and components, and the water pressure of different consumer families is uneven. Therefore, when the connection of the components of the water purifier fails to reach the water pressure or exceeds the bearing capacity of the water purifier, water leakage will occur. If left unchecked, there will even be a risk of leakage. Therefore, Cohen appliance warm tips, it is very necessary to choose a highly safe water purifier

then, what kind of household water purifier can eliminate and avoid "water leakage and leakage". Starting from the actual needs of users, Cohen Electric has launched the mobile water bar kn-102, fearless of the risk of water leakage. Cohen mobile water purifier kn-102 has no water source restriction, plug in and use, no installation, and no water pipe. The internal water path passes through the infrared high-frequency welding process 10000 times per second, which substantially solves the pain points of water leakage and leakage during the use of the water purifier, and ensures your use safety

combining product innovation with the actual needs of consumers is the driving force of Cohen's technological development. In the future, Cohen Electric will also continue to focus on the high-end purified drinking water market, adhere to consumer demand-oriented, continue to strengthen technological innovation, provide consumers with higher quality high-end purified drinking water products, and continue to promote the development of the entire purified drinking water industry based on users




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