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Decoration owner's file:

decoration community: Xiangli Guoting decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration area: 100 square meters decoration style: modern simplicity

decoration cost: 65000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

contracting method: half package

Design Description: the modern simplicity of this case is very colored. Camel and dark coffee games in the light at night. The space design of each functional area has a sense of space and fashion

entering the living room, it will continue to be the game time of coffee color, and the color changes and collocation from light to dark will make the home decoration simple and varied. It is white during the day, and the light yellow spotlight sets off the light on the snow-white wall at night, which turns into light yellow, camel and dark coffee

use black artificial stone as the countertop of Zhongdao kitchen cabinet to increase the color level for the outer wall of the house. At the same time, the kitchen uses wood fence as a semi barrier to keep the space open and add a three-dimensional sense

the kitchen should be clean and tidy, and attention should also be paid to the selection of lights. White lights are more suitable than light yellow lights. The open kitchen makes the kitchen and dining room more spacious

when you arrive at the harmony room full of traditional flavor, the light green tatami is harmoniously combined with the light yellow walls and the log colored floor, and the light wood fragrance lingers around your nose, making you feel happy

the children's room is full of girlish feelings. The color contrast design of pink and light pink makes the house full of warm and childlike feelings. A storage cabinet is hidden under the bed, which can store children's clothes and save space

the part of the bathroom uses a large-area mirror to increase the visual space area, so that the original narrow bathroom area is visually doubled. At the same time, the storage cabinet in the central part of the figure uses transparent glass as the cabinet door, which can also reduce the area occupied by the storage cabinet visually

in the bathroom, this is the toilet in front





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