The cleaning of decoration does not save money

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Wuhan decoration owners have a small number of owners who exclude the selection of decoration companies and choose to clear the package. Many people deeply understand that choosing to clear the package is laborious in decoration. Many owners choose to clear their bags just like they want to save money. So how much can you save by clearing the bag? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the selection of home decoration bags

first, the labor cost of the workers sought by the cleaning owner is more expensive

the price of the people who ask the owner of AB to find the decoration workers themselves is higher than the labor cost of the workers of the decoration company. According to experience, decoration workers will quote 10 ~ 20% higher than the workers of decoration companies when they quote directly to the owner of the cleaning house. This mobile phone is relatively normal. Workers also like to decorate the owners directly. On the one hand, the price can be higher, on the other hand, the work will be easier, the requirements will be lower, and it will be easier to ask for money

second, it is more expensive to buy decoration materials for the owner of the clearing house

on the one hand, the price that the business sells to the owner's friends and our professionals will be different. On the other hand, because the owner's friends do not know what materials have high cost performance, they can only choose expensive ones for the sake of insurance

third, lack of decoration experience is easy to make mistakes

many decoration masters say that apprentices who have been with them for more than a year often make mistakes in decoration. As a home decoration owner, it is inevitable to make mistakes in decoration once or twice in his life. As long as you make mistakes, you will pay a price. For example, if the decoration process is changed here and there and then reworked, it will definitely increase labor and material costs. But I don't think this kind of mistake is the most wasteful. The most terrible thing is the wrong decision-making. For example, the owner of a 120 square meter house wants to spend 150000 yuan to decorate it. As a result, he spent 15000 yuan to buy cabinets alone. According to his total cost of 150000 yuan, the cabinet can't exceed 10000 at most, and it's best to control it at 5000 ~ 6000 yuan. The owner friend wasted nearly 10000 yuan for cabinets alone! In fact, such mistakes are often made by owners, but many times they don't know it. Because most of the owner's friends are concerned about whether his things are expensive, and often ignore whether he bought the wrong things. Buying expensive is a tactical problem, and buying wrong is a strategic problem. Tactical errors cause small losses, and strategic errors cause large losses. Tactical errors are easy to see, and strategic errors are often invisible

IV. whether the clearing owner is trying to save money is false. I don't trust the decoration company is true.

once, a small editor met a clearing owner at the scene of a group purchase of building materials, so I asked him whether it would save money. He told me: "I don't want to save money, mainly because I don't believe in the home decoration company and the contractor. I don't have anyone around who I can trust who really understands decoration. I can't help but work hard and directly find workers to do it. Moreover, the contractor also doesn't want it. I buy the best materials, install the things I buy, and live in a secure place. I've compared them upstairs and downstairs. The materials are the best in my family, and they're not at the same level. In fact, I spend money The money is more expensive than that of other people's decoration companies. I don't think it's possible to save money by packing and cleaning. It's impossible to buy cheap materials by yourself. How can it be cheap if you use everything well? " I think what he said is very reasonable. He is a sensible person

the editor concludes that choosing to clear the package for the decoration of new houses does not save money. If Wuhan decoration owners want to save money, they can come to Wuhan home decoration network to participate in the home decoration bidding. The three companies store the decoration scheme budget for you to choose. Home decoration network, as an independent third party, supervises the decoration process and helps solve the problems arising from the decoration. Please pay attention to the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding for details【】, such an independent third party is trustworthy to the owner




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