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As for decoration, we are not experts, but we can't let ourselves become laymen watching the excitement, because decoration is related to ourselves. If we don't understand anything, we are easy to be fooled by the decoration company. In order to protect the interests of the owners, Xiaobian sorted out some decoration knowledge for you, hoping to be helpful to you

first of all, decoration is a big problem. All new owners are newcomers in this field, and they are confused about how to start. The most basic thing is to see more, ask more, go to the market more, shop around, and do the following three things

1. Find more references for decoration

if your home is ready for decoration, you might as well walk more, look more, search more, think more and compare more. Look at how other people's houses are decorated. If you have any ideas about such decoration, it's better to teach them fish than fish. Similarly, in order to ensure their own decoration, owners also need to learn more

2. Visit more building materials cities

building materials are necessary materials for home decoration. Therefore, for building materials and furniture, visit more building materials cities, building materials supermarkets, and furniture cities to see how the same building materials, different brands of furniture, and different sales outlets sell, and shop around. If possible, go online to see their reputation, so as to choose the most suitable building materials

3. Look at the decoration at the site

for decoration construction, you should look at several construction sites. Don't rush to start work. It's best to wait until the neighbor's house is decorated. Go and have a look. A good team, or even a good worker, can stay and work for themselves

secondly, before decoration, you need to fully understand the functions of each space, especially set the functional area and internal layout according to your actual situation. Therefore, the fundamental problem of decoration is that the owner should first ask himself: what do I or our family really need? Therefore, it is very important to consider and divide the functions of home space. We must pay attention to the following three steps

1. Discuss with the designer

if you need to hire a designer, yes, the householder can discuss with the designer first, put forward his own needs, and let the designer design the home according to his own needs, which can not only meet his own needs, but also allow the designer to consider the functions required by the owner, understand the owner's living habits, hobbies and other information in the design process, It is convenient for designers to better combine functions and styles in the design process, and design schemes that satisfy the owners

2. Determine functions

because the division of spatial functions is not only a problem of drawings, but also a matter of considering what life needs. It is better to have a drawing or a program to divide the space and functions. For example, draw the house type map first. What room does? First divide the general direction clearly, and then calm down and stay in that space. Think about what I want to put here and do there. Imagine the future life, and then know what I need. Then divide the design style according to the function. So we should respect space and function, and then the rules of decoration

3. Finally consider style

when some owners start decoration, they don't care about what functions. Most small owners initially consider style, which is likely to lead to dissatisfaction with room functions after decoration or waste. Therefore, if you are not a fantasist, you should start from reality, first determine the function, then determine the style, think clearly, and clearly consider how to make better and more reasonable use of space in the limited space

finally, we need to find a fitting out team. It's only when you get married that you should pay attention to matching families. Why should you ask matching families when looking for decoration teams? Because in the face of decoration companies, large companies spend big money and small companies spend small money, which is an inevitable law. So how can we choose a good decoration team? Owners should consider the following three points

1. How to choose a decoration company

what kind of decoration company to choose, first of all, we should consider our own economic affordability, and choose one that is equivalent to our actual situation and affordability. Economic benefits are the first consideration of owners. The biggest advantage of a large company is its good reliability. It is guaranteed in the later stage. It is not guaranteed to find a construction team in the later stage. The material is much more expensive than the construction cost. After reading the construction quality, you should consider your economic affordability

2. Don't rush to decorate

when the new house arrives, don't rush to decorate. You can have a look more. This is also a way. When choosing the construction team, the owner should look at it from the company, to the design, to the foreman, to the workers. This is to be specific to the operation of each worker. You can see more about the projects being constructed by the company, which can fully show the management level and technical level of the company. Through this investigation, don't be too hasty. Take the key today, install it tomorrow, and live in a month later

3. Decoration companies choose channels

there are several channels to choose decoration companies. First, go directly to the market to choose. Once you enter the market, you will be dragged away. You can fully talk with these companies. In fact, I think the quality has nothing to do with the size of the company. Second, publish decoration bidding information on the decoration bidding platform. Let companies with good reputation on the platform serve you




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