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Delta photovoltaic business: with strong brands, it came from behind

as one of the world's largest power equipment enterprises, delta integrates in many utilization fields with safety and fire protection requirements, and its development in the photovoltaic industry is not fast compared with other Taiwan enterprises, but from the perspective of Delta's more comprehensive layout in this industry, its lofty ambition is increasingly revealed

in the list of successful suppliers for the centralized bidding of key equipment of the national golden sun demonstration project announced before the year, eight inverter enterprises won the bid. As the only non mainland brand, Delta's photovoltaic inverter is impressively listed, which also shows its strong momentum of catching up from behind

a few days ago, delta power connect, a subsidiary of delta group, brought a variety of delta photovoltaic products to the Beijing Sixin exhibition. This magazine interviewed Bian Yaowu, manager of the energy-saving product development department of delta power connect at the exhibition site

for the technical advantages of the inverter that began mass production in 2009, Bian Yaowu said that Delta has actually been a photovoltaic inverter for three years, but it was mainly OEM and ODM before, and the actual production capacity has accumulated about 1GW, so it has quite rich experience in technology and process. However, delta attaches great importance to the brand. Now our products are basically from our own brands, which is also the reason why delta launched its own inverter brand on the basis of rich OEM. Bian Yaowu said that this is the general development mode of Taiwan enterprises. In the early stage, they only did OEM or ODM. With the continuous expansion of enterprises and gradually having the ability to stabilize and strengthen brands, they began to pay attention to brand building

according to the introduction, the joint application of delta's mature inverter control technology and high-efficiency converter technology can make the maximum conversion efficiency of the whole inverter reach more than 98%, so it is favored by system users. In 2010, Delta's sales volume of household small parallel inverters alone reached 600MW in the European and American markets. Shortly after the beginning of this year, orders for large outdoor inverters in Chinese Mainland have reached tens of megawatts

after all, the yield stress of the material is as high as 15 – 45 MPa. With the comprehensive layout and in-depth research and development in the solar photovoltaic industry, Delta has formed a complete system solution for photovoltaic and power generation, and has the ability to provide all products for the entire photovoltaic power station. Its product lines in the solar photovoltaic industry include crystalline silicon solar cells from chip to module, concentrating solar modules and system trackers, multi model photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic cables, combiner boxes, monitoring systems, lightning protection and other supporting system integration technologies, as well as the whole series of solar photovoltaic automatic production equipment. At the same time, delta also has strong strength in vertically integrating the supply chain of the solar photovoltaic industry, and has undertaken to build a million Watt Solar power roof system for the Kaohsiung World Games venue, and has considerable experience in practical application

established in 1992, Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. is the operation platform for delta group to layout the mainland market, which reflects the importance that delta group attaches to the mainland market. At present, Zhongda Diantong is responsible for the sales and maintenance of delta products in the mainland market, as well as the deployment of many other projects of delta in the mainland, covering the whole new energy industry

at present, in the mainland photovoltaic market, Delta has been able to provide overall power station supporting solutions in addition to system integration. Bian Yaowu said that in addition to the demonstration power station under construction cooperating with some large investors, such as old cartons, shoe boxes, bubble films, foam blocks and so on, Delta has become a strategic partner with Wuxi Suntech, which mainly makes battery chips, and delta makes parts other than battery chips. Bian Yaowu said that mainland enterprises have certain advantages in both domestic and foreign markets, and their products are dislocation and complementary, which can achieve a win-win situation

however, delta is still in-depth layout of the mainland market, and our business will certainly develop in this direction (system integration) in the future. According to Bian Yaowu, Delta has established cooperative relations with domestic power companies. We are purely business cooperation. We want to know what requirements we have for new energy power generation from the perspective of ensuring power safety. At the same time, we also have in-depth communication with customers to meet their requirements for maximum return, maximum conversion efficiency, maximum power generation, etc. If we simply meet the requirements of the owners to solve the problem of maximum power generation, the power companies are certainly unwilling, because they have to consider the problem of power safety. Therefore, there are often great contradictions between owners and power companies. At the same time, Bian Yaowu believes that although distributed energy and how to solve the problem of local energy use belong to the business scope of power companies, this is the direction to solve the contradiction between power station owners and power companies, so it is also within the scope of cooperation between Delta and power companies

Delta's philosophy is environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, which is the development positioning of delta group by Zheng Chonghua, chairman of delta group. Therefore, delta group has been paying attention to green energy for many years, including wind power generation, solar power generation, hydrogen fuel cell and electric energy storage. Bian Yaowu stressed that unlike some enterprises in the mainland, although delta started a little late, it has strong brand and technological advantages and will develop very rapidly

delta is rapidly moving forward to the world's largest new energy system provider with highly symmetrical, low-density unstable structural layer, which is related to grain size and preparation method

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