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The "disaster" of photovoltaic enterprises does not come alone. Preferential policies do not understand the urgent need

the relationship between enterprises and the government has always been one of the important topics of debate. Who is the fairest, most effective and most important between the visible hand of the government and the invisible hand of the market? People are often divided into two groups on these issues. As enterprises, they don't want the government to extend a hand of intervention in the operation of enterprises, but they often want it to extend a hand of assistance in difficult times, and almost all enterprises welcome the strong support provided by the developing government in land, taxation, financing, employment, export and other aspects, Because this can not only solve the problem of coal workers' Resettlement in the process of production capacity, but also provide good help and environment for the development of enterprises

but everything has two sides. Such a thing that the government uses the visible hand to provide various assistance to enterprises is actually a double-edged sword. If enterprises are irrational and blindly use the support of these visible hands for irrational development, they are likely to fall into difficult difficulties. At present, the situation of some photovoltaic enterprises, from the perspective of enterprise management, has made a big mistake in using the visible hand

recently, photovoltaic enterprises have suffered "disasters" and "bad luck" repeatedly. On October 10, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the arbitration results of imposing anti-dumping and countervailing tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products. China's solar cells exported to the United States will be subject to 14.78% to 15.97% of countervailing duties and 18.32% to 249.96% of anti-dumping duties, from which 10.54% of export subsidies will be deducted. After calculation, the industry tariff range is 23.7. Please pay attention to more news trends of our company, 5% to 254.66%, The specific products are crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, modules, laminates, panels and building integration materials made in China. Just a month ago, the European Union announced that it had officially launched an anti-dumping investigation on China's photovoltaic cells, which is by far the largest trade lawsuit against China, involving more than $20billion. A total of 134 enterprises were sampled

in addition to the ice age of the external market environment of the industry, many photovoltaic enterprises are facing the dilemma of sharp decline in benefits, high debt and cash flow. In the past two years, the photovoltaic industry, which has been vigorously developed as a strategic, pillar and high-tech emerging industry, is facing a catastrophe in the blink of an eye. According to industry insiders' estimates, there are about trillions of funds trapped in the entire photovoltaic industry. In addition to the large amount of funds invested under the tangible hands of various regions may encounter problems, the investment of enterprise shareholders also faces great risks. On October 16, it was reported that the leader of a famous photovoltaic enterprise has no longer considered whether it can be the leader of the industry. At present, it is enough to ensure normal operation without bankruptcy

the huge amount of funds invested in the photovoltaic industry are facing the risk of loss, which is enough to prove that the originally invested funds have serious loopholes in the enterprise's risk management. The help provided by tangible hands everywhere can be considered as a major inducement to the wrong decision-making of these investments

in some places where the economic growth rate and political performance engineering are the standards, they are often keen on projects with large investment and strategic investment, because the launch of these projects can immediately bring a huge flow of people, finance and materials, and more importantly, it can immediately make a qualitative leap in the local gross domestic product (GDP) figures. Therefore, all regions do not hesitate to offer preferential measures in land, taxation, labor employment, financial credit and other aspects to attract funds to enter the local construction of these industries. There are not a few places that regard photovoltaic industry as a major strategic industry. The support of the visible hand naturally coincided with the industrial capital, and the great leap forward of the photovoltaic industry took place

what these enterprises do not consider is that since this enterprise can enjoy the strong support of a tangible hand to achieve expansionary development, other places and other enterprises can also achieve expansionary development through the support of a tangible hand. Then, maybe in a few years, the industry will have a large expansion of production capacity, which will lead to serious overproduction, and then there will be the results of benefit collapse, debt entanglement and investment failure. The main market of photovoltaic industry is overseas. How can Europe and the United States watch overseas production capacity devour its market under the current situation of extremely difficult economy and high unemployment in Europe and the United States? From a rational point of view, it is inevitable for Europe and the United States to impose various restrictions on overseas products of the photovoltaic industry. An untested industry with a large expansion of production capacity is bound to collapse. Therefore, before making investment decisions, we must take into account the industries vigorously supported by the visible hands of all regions. In the next few years, there will be a huge expansion and excess capacity. If there is no local market, the risk of investment failure is abnormally large

photovoltaic industry is just a mirror. First of all, the cultivation of strategic industries cannot make the great leap forward, which provides a practical lesson. It also reminds the visible hands of all regions not to be too active and enthusiastic about the development of industries, and everything should be done in accordance with the laws of the market and economy. More importantly, enterprises and investors should keep a clear head in the development of the industry. They should not invest blindly because the tangible hand provides huge discounts, but must consider the huge future problems caused by the enthusiasm of the tangible hand. The same is true of photovoltaic industry and other industries

language: when the market demand shrinks, the local government will rescue again, which will make the internal competition in the photovoltaic industry more chaotic, make the enterprises that should be out of the game survive, and hinder the "survival of the fittest" of the photovoltaic industry. If the local government gives large-scale support to photovoltaic enterprises, it will only make photovoltaic enterprises feel lucky that they are "big but not collapsed", and it will also make it possible to further increase production and pursue economies of scale, which will make the overcapacity of the industry more significant, and will also find a justification for the "double anti" investigation of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises in the United States, Europe and the United States. Zhonghua glass (in the process of experiment) Department

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