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Photovoltaic enterprises in Jiangxi Province organized a group to participate in the world's largest Photovoltaic Exhibition

photovoltaic is the dominant industry in Jiangxi Province. After the "severe winter" last year, photovoltaic enterprises across the country showed signs of recovery in February this year. On the 3rd, it was learned from the Provincial Department of commerce that our province will organize a group to participate in the world's largest professional solar energy technology exhibition - Germany international solar energy exhibition intersoar

remember to know that polysilicon has quietly raised its price before the year, and according to the data of relevant photovoltaic research institutions, since this year, the price of solar grade polysilicon has increased significantly, with a price increase of 15% within the year. After a cold winter in the photovoltaic industry, under the background of the sharp increase in the price of crystalline silicon in many projects, industry insiders began to believe that the photovoltaic industry has a rebound foundation

Ruijing Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xinyu City, plans to resume five cell production lines in the near future, and is currently recruiting production line employees. The speed ratio can reach 1million times, and Shangrao Jingke energy company previously said in a media interview that its orders this year have been scheduled to July

after a two-year reshuffle of global photovoltaic enterprises that should be replaced, we learned that since February this year, the price of global photovoltaic products has stabilized and rebounded according to the regulations, and the employment volume of enterprises is growing rapidly, indicating that the market has shown signs of recovery

it is understood that intersoar is the largest professional solar technology exhibition in the world. This year, the exhibition is scheduled to be held from June 19 to 21. The exhibition includes solar photovoltaic cells, silicon chips and solar photovoltaic modules

according to the relevant person from the foreign trade department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the competent commercial departments of all districts and cities in our province will do a good job in recruiting exhibitions. Interested enterprises can submit the exhibition application form to the Department of Commerce before March 20. Our province will also provide financial support to enterprises that meet the requirements. Zhonghua glass () Department

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