The hottest photovoltaic bidding hit another recor

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Photovoltaic bidding hit another record low: the Italian company quoted 0.11 yuan/kwh in Mexico

the bidding results of 2.3 GW/5.5twh (5.5 billion kwh, entered in 2020) photovoltaic procurement of the Ministry of energy of Mexico have been released recently. Italy's Enel green power company quoted 1.77 cents/kWh (equivalent to 0.11 yuan/kWh), breaking the record of 1.79 cents/kWh photovoltaic quotation in Saudi Arabia long ago, which was not accumulated and discharged rapidly. In this bidding for photovoltaic projects in Mexico, the average quotation of other companies (including the company of China, which needs more customized materials for electric vehicles) is 2.05 cents/kWh

since the lowest price of photovoltaic projects in the United States was quoted at 8.3 cents/kwh in 2013, the lowest price of photovoltaic has been constantly refreshed: in 2014, the UAE project was quoted at 4.97 cents/kwh; In 2015, Saudi Arabia project reported 4.97 cents/kwh; In 2016, it was again quoted at 2.42 cents/kwh in Saudi Arabia. So far, the quotation of Jinan universal testing machine function in 2017 has been lower than the lowest quotation in 2016 in seven photovoltaic bidding projects around the world. International experts predict that according to the current photovoltaic cost trend, the lowest quotation of photovoltaic in 2019 can be as low as 1 cent/kWh

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