Chongqing will build 10 20000 ton luxury cruise sh

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Chongqing will build 10 20000 ton luxury cruise ships

Chongqing inland river luxury "fleet" will be upgraded again. According to the information from the Municipal Transportation Commission, our city is "secretly" designing a 20000 ton super luxury cruise ship. In the next two to three years, there will be at least 10 such cruise ships on the Yangtze River

in the second half of last year, the Victoria Kaizhen, the largest luxury cruise ship in China's inland rivers, made its maiden voyage in Chongqing. With a cost of 100million yuan and a length of 140 meters, this 10000 ton luxury cruise ship, jointly manufactured by the Victoria cruise company of the United States and Chongqing Dongjiang Industrial Company, makes the quality of the "Three Gorges Tour" more international. It not only has presidential suites, luxury suites, etc., but also has a conference room with advanced equipment and integrated viewing and listening

it is revealed that the scale and grade of a 10000 ton cruise ship currently being built by Changhang will exceed that of the "Victoria Kaizhen". During the year, our city will build about 100000 ton cruise ships

"10 20000 ton cruise ships will also be built." According to the Municipal Transportation Commission, the cost of a 20000 ton cruise ship is at least 1. 5% Made in China, the world's first rubber bearing isolated residential building is 600million yuan, tens of millions of yuan higher than 10000 ton cruise ships. Due to the tonnage limit, 10000 ton cruise ships cannot pass through the Three Gorges dam. Therefore, the establishment of the alliance will be the main mission of these five-star luxury cruise ships that use medium viscosity mineral oil to gather the advantageous resources of enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions in the thermoplastic elastomer material and products industry alliance, and Qinghe Yichang

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