Chongqing will build a national sensor industry ba

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The total investment exceeds 10 billion! Chongqing will build a national sensor industry base

a 300 million yuan IOT sensor investment fund will be launched in Chongqing this year. According to reports, the national sensor industry base jointly built by Chongqing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Linkong investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently, and the total scale will exceed 10 billion yuan

in recent years, with the development of science and technology, the sensor market has continued to grow, and has been widely used in industrial automation, modern agriculture, aerospace technology, robotics, resource development, ocean exploration Environmental monitoring and other social "Tianjiang is responsible for the development of an era and all fields of human life.

it is understood that the industrial base will focus on creating an innovative platform for the sensor and IOT industry integrating sensor and chip research and development, sensor module, system production and implementation of standard products, and IOT application - perceptual Technology Industrial Park, and introduce leading enterprises in the whole industrial chain and high growth. 6. Result reproduction: the experimental results are freely accessible, small and medium-sized minimally invasive New enterprises settle in the park to provide innovative R & D financial support for enterprises to promote the rapid development of sensor and IOT industries. According to zhaochunlin, general manager of Chongqing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the first 300 million yuan fund will mainly provide early and medium-term financial support for enterprises in the industrial base. At the same time, a technology research institute in the field of sensors, IOT and wireless communication will be established in the base to undertake the development of some products with common and key technologies, strive to build a high-end professional incubator with advanced sensors and IOT as the core, and form a complete sensor industry chain through the integration of technology, talents and capital

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