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Photron high-speed camera helps Beijing Olympic Games. Photron, a manufacturer of high-speed imaging system and image analysis software, will provide high-speed imaging cameras for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in recent years. The ultra sensitive fastcamsa1 camera can provide high-speed, high-definition TV images with a frame rate of 5. Some parts can be lubricated at 400f/s. This camera will be integrated into the latest imaging system sprintcamlivev2 of i-movix, a Belgian partner of phototron

as a key part of sprintcamlivev2 system, the fastcamsa1 camera of photron company will shoot all kinds of Olympic activities and provide instant playback, especially slow motion playback, during the Olympic Games. Photron camera has been successfully used in other games and TV and radio programs, such as the PGA Tour # steel hammer: excellent carbon structural steel race, the Australian Open, the BBC's planet earth series, CBS's crime scene investigation series, and the discovery channel, including future weapons and the latest version of timewarp

fastcamsa1 can perform high-resolution imaging of fast motion and slow real-time playback. Photron's slow motion imager has a 12 bit color fidelity, high sensitivity, microsecond globalshuttering fast image taking, and can achieve 675000 frames per second imaging at low resolution. Fast and the insulation material industry is not behind, camsa1 camera is DC, RS-170 video output, very easy to integrate. More information about photron high-speed imaging camera and high-end image analysis software can be accessed

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