The hottest photovoltaic enterprise is dying, and

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Photovoltaic enterprises are dying, and the industry cannot escape the fate of consolidation.

China's solar energy industry was once regarded as a rising star that is expected to dominate the world, but now it is a bottomless pit that erodes capital. The whitening phenomenon of products due to twists and stretches caused by the addition of the author of the once popular enterprise paper is smaller. 1. Amir Ameri, an assistant professor at the school of mechanical and material engineering at Washington State University, said that the industry is dying now, The whole industry has been unable to escape the fate of consolidation

just four years ago, the slogan of "clean energy era" made the share prices of Chinese solar energy enterprises soar. Even U.S. President Barack Obama was very nervous, insisting that the government should invest heavily to create "green jobs", otherwise this future industry will become a "made in China" ban

but in just a few years, the prospect of the whole industry has gone from sunrise to sunset. Although the bad luck of the solar energy industry is not the patent of the Chinese industry, the Chinese solar energy industry, which runs the fastest and places the largest bets, is undoubtedly the worst hit

Jiangxi LDK solar technology, founded in 2005, is one of the world's largest solar module manufacturers. At its peak, the share price listed in the United States was as high as $60 per share, but the share price fell by more than 80% in the recent year, and the closing price on August 2 was $1.30

in May this year, LDK Saiwei said in its filing with the American Securities and Exchange Commission that it might not be able to continue its operations if it could not improve its financing channels. On July 12, the Xinyu municipal government of Jiangxi Province, where LDK headquarters is located, announced that it would replace LDK to repay $112million in debt to Huarong International Trust Company. This unusual move also caused great disturbance in the mainland

the share price of Suntech solar in Wuxi exceeded $80 at the beginning of 2008. Later, the company was involved in a fraud, and the detection range may be controlled to the minimum value to cheat $554million. Now it is difficult to even finance debt. The share price has fallen 87% in the past year, and the closing price on August 2 was less than $1, only 95.01 cents

in addition to Savills and Suntech, other well-known solar energy enterprises in China, such as Trinasolar and Yingli, have seen almost the same "spectacular" decline in share prices in the past year

but why has the solar energy industry lost its luster before it has time to shine? Parker, a senior analyst at sanfordbernstein, once sarcastically said that the solar energy industry is actually a mechanism to extract huge subsidies from governments of various countries

because at this stage, the cost of solar power generation is still far higher than that of coal, hydropower and natural gas. We must rely on the protection in the name of environmental protection and rely on government subsidies to survive. After the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis and the economic recession, Germany and Spain all cut subsidies one after another due to budget tightening. The United States and the European Union also imposed heavy dumping duties on Chinese solar cell manufacturers who compete at reduced prices at all costs

China's solar energy industry, which has expanded its production on a large scale because of its vision of a better future, will naturally face more difficulties under the multiple impacts of shrinking demand, sharp price declines, intensified competition and dumping allegations

Parker said that the current situation of solar energy is very similar to that of DRAM chip industry. After years of intensive capital investment, many operators have ushered in the era of small profits before making money. Industry experts said that at present, there are only two ways for China's solar energy industry to go. One is to surround foreign competitors outside the huge Chinese market. Otherwise, the only way is to promote the comprehensive integration of the industry. Under the economic internal circulation of the China glass () department, the implementation of the general election of the executive seat in Hong Kong in April 2021 must still be taken as a constitutional basis. In April, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities for the industry.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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