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In order to cope with the "double anti" of the European Union, many Chinese photovoltaic enterprises are seeking a way out through technological innovation or moving to the domestic market, but they are still plagued with thorns on this road. Photovoltaic enterprises are seeking survival in the cracks. In order to deal with the dual anti European Union, many Chinese photovoltaic enterprises are seeking a way out through technological innovation or moving to the domestic market, but there are still thorns on this road. Photovoltaic enterprises are seeking survival in the cracks

from July 3 to 5, the 5th China (Beijing) International Photovoltaic Exhibition 2013 was held as scheduled. However, unlike in previous years, this year's exhibition is slightly depressed

Feng Xiangjun, managing director of Cologne Exhibition China Co., Ltd., one of the exhibition organizers, said: there are nearly 300 exhibitors this year, and the number is indeed slightly lower than last year. Some exhibitors had already paid the deposit, but they refunded it to save money. The reason is that Feng Xiangjun believes that the EU has a great impact on the enterprises opposed by both China photovoltaic

in fact, not only this exhibition, but also the Photovoltaic Exhibition held in Shanghai in May this year, the number of exhibitors also decreased sharply

innovative technology finds another way

we look for fruit in the cracks in order to fill our stomachs. We are looking for oases in the desert in order to dig a little water. Zonghua, the director of Guodian photovoltaic Co., Ltd.'s film plant, said that this describes the survival status of photovoltaic enterprises

the fruit and oasis referred to by Zonghua refers to distributed photovoltaic power generation on roofs, walls, agricultural greenhouses, breeding sheds, fish ponds and other places

the traditional place of power generation is land, which brings a practical problem: the western region is vast, but the power generated cannot be sent out; Although the land in the eastern region is small, the electricity consumption is high. The above square pipe type can make full use of cheap places and realize the maximum utilization of limited space. Zonghua said

at the same time, it is understood that thin-film solar power generation technology has become the focus of research and development of some enterprises

hanergy holding group is in a leading position in this field. The person in charge of the company said that compared with traditional crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar cells have the advantages of no pollution, low cost, high power generation, short production chain and strong flexibility. More importantly, thin-film solar cells are not subject to the restrictions of the European Union, which makes enterprises avoid this industry disaster

however, the above person in charge also said that thin-film solar energy technology will become the future development direction of the photovoltaic industry, but at present, its technology, equipment and capital threshold are still relatively high

expect the policy to be strengthened

although distributed generation has put another three new production lines into operation, many enterprises see the hope of the photovoltaic industry, but the domestic policy is not in place also makes enterprises disappointed

Zonghua said, 1 For a long time, due to insufficient electricity price subsidies, enterprises can hardly earn money from distributed generation in the domestic market, usually operating at a loss. Only photovoltaic products exported to the European market can make money. If you offset the two, you still earn. Now, the EU's double anti, so that enterprises lost the foreign market, the domestic market has not followed up

Zonghua further pointed out that it will take 10 years for enterprises to recover the cost of distributed photovoltaic power generation. The government needs to guide the industry. However, the current policy is too general. He believes that in different places, the degree of illumination and construction and installation costs are different, and the subsidy policies should also be different. One size fits all is not allowed

Zonghua said that private enterprises are not easy and lack capital, technology and market. The government should give more guidance. Feng Xiangjun also said that in the future, for a long time, it is necessary to prompt users to make corresponding corrections to the safety parameters. Maybe the government should be in the dominant position and give policy support within the time of actively updating and setting the safety parameters according to the applied sensors. In this regard, foreign governments have done well, and China should learn from them

the photovoltaic industry still has prospects

it is not a good thing for the EU to carry out double anti photovoltaic measures against China's photovoltaic enterprises, which has caused a downturn in the market at a stage. Wang Zhixuan, Secretary General of the China Electricity Council, said

but Wang Zhixuan is still optimistic about the photovoltaic industry. He said: there is no doubt that the photovoltaic industry still has prospects. There is no problem with the development direction of new and renewable energy. With the continuous progress of technology, there is still demand in the market. I am optimistic

talking about the way out for photovoltaic enterprises, Wang Zhixuan said that first of all, enterprises should strengthen communication and coordination and understand the foreign legal environment. Secondly, the domestic market still has great potential. Although the photovoltaic industry has surplus, with the rapid development of the domestic market, it can still absorb part of the production capacity. Finally, enterprises should reflect on themselves, improve technology, improve efficiency and strengthen services

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