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Since last year, China's photovoltaic exports have been in the shadow of being "double anti" by the European and American markets. We learned from the Canton Fair that in order to save the European and American markets, many exhibitors began to enter the market by setting up factories in third countries. However, recently, due to the fact that the sales volume of Chinese photovoltaic products in the United States did not rise but fell, and the news that American enterprises sued the three domestic photovoltaic giants, many exhibitors are still worried about trade barriers

domestic photovoltaic enterprises build plants overseas

for China's photovoltaic industry, Europe is a very important market, and the European "double anti" negotiation results have begun to affect their orders in the European market. According to media reports, the minimum promised price given by China is 0.56 euros/watt, and the solar panels exported to the EU do not exceed 7gw

"due to quota restrictions, it is also difficult for many photovoltaic enterprises to enter the European market." Pan xianzeng, vice chairman of sori Xinneng, said that the company's annual production capacity reached 300-400 MW, but the production capacity allocated to Europe for one year was only 50 MW

in order to cope with the restricted European market, many photovoltaic enterprises have turned to explore emerging markets. Li Yuanbo, manager of Yingli Green Energy International Department, said that at present, it is actively exploring the domestic market, the Japanese market and the South American market. "Through development, the proportion of the European market has been reduced from 90% to more than 40% at present."

Pan xianzeng also said that the company was actively exploring the Japanese market. "Japan is currently the fastest-growing market except the Chinese market. The average price of Chinese products is 20% cheaper than that of Japanese local products, and there is no market to worry about."

"however, the annual demand of the European market accounts for almost 1/3 of the global market, and no enterprise is willing to give up easily." Pan xianzeng admitted that in fact, the real purpose of entering the Japanese market is to reopen the European market. "As long as the products are produced from countries other than China, they will not be included in the anti-dumping and countervailing. At present, we have a factory with an annual capacity of 50 MW in Japan, and we plan to increase it to 100 MW next year." Pan xianzeng said that although the cost of setting up a factory in Japan has increased by 20%, it is still lower than the tax rate of anti-dumping duties, and Chinese enterprises still have a price advantage

it is understood that at present, CLP photovoltaic has set up plants in Turkey, Yuhui sunshine has OEM plants in India, South Africa and Poland, and Hairun and Yingli have respectively announced that they will build plants in Taiwan and Thailand

what makes exhibitors more worried is that the U.S. market is pressing. Recently, the bankruptcy administrator of an American enterprise energyconversiondevices (hereinafter referred to as "ECD") filed a lawsuit against three Chinese enterprises, Suntech Power, Yingli and Trinasolar, asking for compensation of 950million US dollars. The reason is that "the three Chinese companies continued to destroy and hurt their competitors, so as to achieve the purpose of destroying all market competition". The URL that they had not visited was involved in the mobilization of S, which led to ECD's bankruptcy

pan xianzeng said that now Chinese photovoltaic enterprises are avoiding the risk of "double anti-dumping" in Europe by setting up factories abroad. If the United States' anti subsidy sanctions against China increase, will the European Union follow up, so as to form a new round of joint attack by the West on China's photovoltaic industry, Be alert to this incident, but the safety protection function of the experimental machine, especially the microcomputer controlled electronic experimental machine, has other manifestations that can cause a chain effect on the EU

enter the consumer segment

at Yingli's booth this year, I saw a delicate home interior decoration scene, which is the application of various solar energy devices in the home. Yingli booth staff said that distributed photovoltaic power generation system is the main product of Yingli at the Canton Fair this year. It converts electricity through solar panels, mainly for emerging markets

"if the company is a ship, the policy market (power station) is equal to the sail, which can let the ship ride the wind and waves, while other markets (consumer markets) are the ballast of the ship, making the ship go more stably." Lin Xiaofeng, vice president of Topri Xinneng, believes that at a time when trade barriers in Europe and the United States are strengthening, the current consumer market is still blank, and consumer goods are easier to avoid the "double anti" risk, which is a good breakthrough direction in the future. The semi annual report of Topri Xinneng shows that the company's solar energy application products and power supply system contributed 34.2079 million yuan in the first half of this year, accounting for 12.58% of the total revenue, with a year-on-year increase of 1.6% and how he will do it is unknown at present 7%. Zhonghua glass () Department

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