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The first photovoltaic connection store in China opened in Suzhou

recently, quick contact, a photovoltaic connection system product manufacturing company, announced that its planned and prepared photovoltaic connection store (pvsupermarket) for half a year was officially opened at the headquarters of quick Suzhou Industrial Park. It marks that the domestic EPC photovoltaic connection system has taken a big step towards standardization, scientization, standardization and internationalization

it is reported that Suzhou quick contact is an enterprise dedicated to the one-stop service of the connection system. On August 5, 2013, the company officially established the pvsupermarket. This will become the fastest and most convenient window for the one-stop service of photovoltaic connection system

the space area of the pvsupermarket is 300m2, and the products sold cover all the products related to the connection and installation of electrical appliances in the photovoltaic power generation system, such as on-site photovoltaic connectors, photovoltaic cables, branching devices, combiner boxes, switches, cable extensions, conversion heads, installation tools, waterproof cable heads, board end connectors, pre supported cables, lightning protection terminals and other products of more than 40 models in six series

according to Jacky, the company's sales director, in recent years, with the European and American dual anti policy towards Chinese solar panels, domestic photovoltaic enterprises have moved to the domestic photovoltaic market; In the past year, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments have intensively introduced favorable photovoltaic policies to stimulate the domestic photovoltaic market, and the rooms should have enough space consumption. Last year alone, the domestic EPC installation volume reached 5GW, becoming the most important photovoltaic power generation country in the world after Germany. This year, in the context of the simultaneous deployment of the Western ground power station and the eastern distributed power station, the installation volume is expected to be about 10GW, There is an upsurge of photovoltaic installation in China, and more and more companies are engaged in the construction and installation of EPC photovoltaic power stations, and have made good profits. At present, the business model has gradually matured, but the specific installation technology is still very non-standard. For example, many small and medium-sized EPC companies in the eastern region have been established in the past two years and have little experience in the installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems. Secondly, photovoltaic systems require a large number of spare parts, such as branch cables, extension cables, combiner boxes, etc., in addition to the three major parts of battery panels, inverters, and support systems, In the general electrical market, these components are mixed with fish's eyes, with many models and uneven quality levels, which is difficult to meet the requirements of photovoltaic system for 25 years. Quick-contact is a new technology enterprise with many years of design, research and development and manufacturing in photovoltaic connectors. It has established contacts with most domestic photovoltaic panel enterprises in order to follow the trend of photovoltaic system development downstream, Establish a photovoltaic connection system supermarket. The purpose of this supermarket is to "provide one-stop procurement services for many photovoltaic installation EPC companies such as meniscalstinger reg. EPC company was exempted from the tedious procurement from many social manufacturers, and the optimization and upgrading of Maozhan base and the overall speed-up of construction also controlled the quality of accessories

the supermarket mainly faces EPC installation companies, and quick-contact company can provide "product catalogue". EPC company can "order" from Kuaike. Kuaike company will match, package and ship to the project site according to different technical specifications. EPC company only needs to "connect according to the drawing" on site, which saves a lot of on-site assembly time and manpower, improves the standardization and scientization of domestic photovoltaic system installation, and reduces labor costs

during the trial operation of the supermarket, many enterprises in the eastern region have purchased installation tools, combiner boxes and extension cords through the supermarket, and achieved good results. The products of the supermarket have even been sold to the markets of Japan and India

Jacky, the company's sales director, stressed that quick contact used to provide photovoltaic junction boxes and connectors for solar panel enterprises. In the future, it will also take the connector series products for EPC as the main direction to become a "leading supplier in the field of photovoltaic system connectors". The design of Zhonghua glass () booster pump improves the flexibility of the experimental machine

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