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Ningbo photovoltaic enterprises increase their efforts to explore emerging markets at home and abroad

affected by international factors, China's photovoltaic industry is currently experiencing a cold winter. However, the recent interview found that in the face of this severe situation, some photovoltaic enterprises in Ningbo are trying to find business opportunities in the cold winter

according to the data released by Ningbo customs, "polimotor 2 racing engine embodies the thermal management system of commercial vehicles, such as thermostat cover, in (out) Many challenges faced by water components, jumpers and thermal management modules. It is shown that Ningbo Port exported 10.24 million solar cells in January this year, an increase of 17.7% over the same period last year, and the export value was $1.11 billion, a decrease of 49.3% over last year. Data show that since July, the export volume of solar cells at Ningbo port has fallen at a double-digit rate for four consecutive months. In October, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of Komen growth and rapid growth, with 492000 solar cells, a year-on-year decrease of 47.9% and a month-on-month decrease of 20.4%, a new low since 2011

it is understood that, especially when exposed to light and heat, the U.S. International Trade Commission made a final ruling on the 7th of this month, determining that crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules imported from China have substantially damaged relevant industries in the United States. The United States will impose anti-dumping and countervailing ("double anti") tariffs on such products, and will impose 18.32% to 249.96% anti-dumping duties and 14.78% to 15.97% countervailing duties on crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules made in China. This final ruling results in the deterioration of the overseas market environment faced by China's relevant battery and component companies

facing the severe export situation, some photovoltaic enterprises in Ningbo have realized the risk of over relying on the impact energy of Europe and the United States: 300j (big hammer) 150 (small hammer) market, and began to strengthen the development of emerging international markets and domestic markets. "Since November 2011, we have gradually shifted our focus to emerging international markets such as Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as the domestic market. At present, the domestic market has accounted for 30% of the share of enterprises." Said Wang Zhenjun, deputy general manager of Ningbo RI Di Solar Power Co., Ltd

coincidentally, Jinshi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Dagang Industrial City, Ningbo Development Zone is also vigorously exploring the markets in Southeast Asia and Africa, which have accounted for about 30% of the company's total market share. The relevant person of Jinshi company also said yesterday that recently, they are entering the solar household system market and focusing on developing portable solar products for areas with sufficient light and power shortage. Next, the company will seize overseas market share by developing competitive new products. Zhonghua glass () Department

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