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Shandong photovoltaic enterprises rose to their rescue and started the domestic demand response to the anti-dumping investigation

just as the trade negotiators of the Ministry of Commerce went to the EU headquarters on September 11 to negotiate on the Sino EU photovoltaic product trade issues, Shandong photovoltaic enterprises also began to rise to their rescue. On September 13, the "10000 roof sunshine plan" initiated by China Renewable Energy Society and Shandong lino group was officially launched in lino Science Park in the east of Jinan

Shi Dinghuan, counselor of the State Council and chairman of the China Spring mechanics tester, commented: "this is the first initiative of China's photovoltaic industry to respond to the anti-dumping and countervailing investigations launched by the European Union and the United States on September 6 on China's photovoltaic cell products, which will send a warm flame to China's photovoltaic industry in the 'cold winter'."

"ten thousand roof sunshine plan" is to use the roofs of domestic colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities and other roofs to build solar roof power stations idly, and reduce operating costs for self use. At the same time, photovoltaic components that may be difficult to export due to the "double anti" investigation of the United States and the European Union will be digested in China, and self use will start domestic demand and reduce costs

according to statistics, there are 45000 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Shandong Province. Based on the average roof area of 3000 square meters for each enterprise, the total roof area is about 176million square meters. If each 200 kW photovoltaic power station is installed, the total installed capacity will reach 900 million KW; To say the least, if 30% of the roof is installed with solar power stations, about 270Million kW photovoltaic power stations can be installed, with an annual power generation of 2.5 billion kwh, accounting for 7% of the total power consumption in Shandong Province, which is equivalent to meeting the power consumption of 1million households for a year

the rooftop power station digests domestic photovoltaic modules and has a promising application prospect, and the high investment imagined by ordinary people can also be recovered in a short time. It is estimated that the construction of 100000 kW photovoltaic rooftop power station in Shandong requires an investment of 9million yuan, and the annual average power generation can be 1.3 million kwh. If the subsidy of 5.5 million yuan can be obtained according to the national golden sun support policy standard in 2012, the enterprise only needs to raise 3.5 million yuan by itself. Based on the current average industrial power consumption price of 0.9 yuan/kWh, the enterprise can save more than 1.2 million yuan of electricity every year, and the power station can recover all investment within 5 years. Based on 25 years, the cumulative generating capacity is 32.5 million kwh, the electricity cost is 29 million yuan saved, and the net profit is 7.6 million yuan

the sunshine roof plan launched by Rino this time is not just for the redemption of the enterprise. According to Zhang Feng, general manager of Linuo power group, at present, the annual production of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic products of Linuo is about 40million kW. If the 10000 room roof plan is fully launched, at least 160million kW of crystalline silicon products are required. "At present, the total output of crystalline silicon products in Shandong is about 200 million KW, that is to say, the sunshine roof plan will enable 80% of Shandong's photovoltaic products to have a market." Zheng Xiaoguang, director of Shandong provincial energy conservation office and President of Shandong Solar Energy Association, said to. Once it radiates to the whole country, it can be predicted how it will promote the recovery of China's solar photovoltaic industry

by the end of last year, the installed capacity of power generation in Shandong Province was 68 million KW, of which the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation was only 46000 kW, accounting for only 0.1% of the total installed capacity of Rockwell hardness value calculated according to the following formula. According to the 12th Five Year Plan of China's renewable energy, the total installed capacity of PV will reach 2100million kW by 2015. According to this goal, 500 million KW will be installed every year, which will provide important support for China's photovoltaic industry

this move to deal with the "double anti" of the United States and the European Union has received a positive response from many well-known enterprises and industrial cities in the province, as well as the support of state-owned and commercial banks such as industrial, agricultural, China Construction and China Merchants Bank without reducing the physical, chemical and functional properties of raw materials. At the launch ceremony on the same day, lino Power Group signed a roof power station construction project of about 6million kW with Shandong Datang Group, Shifeng group and Feicheng Municipal People's government. Zhonghua glass () Department

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