Most popular Cologne BASF launches new POM device

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Cologne BASF launched a new POM device in South Korea

& in view of the huge utilization prospect of new materials emsp; Cologne BASF company is a joint venture between Cologne and BASF. Recently, a Polyoxymethylene (m) production plant was built in Jincheng, South Korea, with an annual output of 70000 tons. With the existing annual production capacity of 80000 tons, Cologne has formed the largest POM production facility in the world. The development of new chemical fiber materials is gradually becoming the main theme of the industry, with a total production capacity of 150000 tons. The construction of the factory began in April 2016 and took a total of 27 months. The plant has invested 260million won (about 220million US dollars), and there are no safety or environmental accidents at present

BASF has provided factories for the production of first-class POM products through strict quality control system and energy-saving technology, coupled with the efficient and stable production capacity of Cologne plastics

John, President of BASF performance materials, said, "the new plant we built with Cologne plastics has set an industry benchmark for POM production. It adopts innovative environmental management standards, which can improve production efficiency and use less energy. With BASF's first POM production in Asia, we will be able to provide a stable and high-quality POM supply to the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world."

Yang BOM, the joint representative director of Cologne BASF, commented: "the joint venture takes advantage of the advantages of each company, and the partners work together to produce synergy. RFID is widely used in logistics, manufacturing, identity recognition, asset management, intelligent transportation, etc., which is a great example of enhancing global brands. We hope to continue to cooperate in other business areas."

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