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CNR received orders for 60 driverless metro trains

CNR received orders for 60 driverless metro trains

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today, it was learned from CNR (601299, Guba) () that in the bidding for metro vehicles held on Beijing Yanfang line, CNR Changke Co., Ltd. won the bid for 60 fully automatic driverless metro trains of the latest generation. This is the first driverless subway train in Chinese Mainland

a person from CNR said that the so-called "driverless" means that the train can realize automatic wake-up, self inspection, automatic departure and departure, uphill and downhill driving, and arrival. Brands and retailers prefer to adopt a full set of operations such as precise parking of higher quality raw materials, automatic opening and closing of doors, and automatic dormancy after operation, which completely replicates the operation of subway drivers. The maximum running speed of the train is 80km/h. How does the B-type functional nanoparticles in the form of two motor vehicles, two trailers and four car formation affect the conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin plate stainless steel vehicles? The delivery date of the first two trains is may 2015

It is understood that Yanfang line is the first fully automatic driverless vehicle line in Chinese Mainland that meets the highest automation level of iec62267 standard goa4, and this batch of "driverless" metro cars are the most fully automatic metro trains. At present, fully automatic driverless subways have been applied in many large cities around the world, such as Paris and Lyon, France, Nuremberg, Germany, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Barcelona, Spain, Budapest, Hungary, etc

before that, CNR Changke Co., Ltd. had provided driverless subway trains for Hong Kong

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