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More than 100 banks purchase cloud computing and strategic cooperation with the China Meteorological Administration

after the Cloud Computing Conference and the central government procurement of computer products are not allowed to install win8 operating system, localization has become the hard logic of the short-term surge in software stocks. As we all know, there are two ways to go to IOE: one is to purchase domestic software and equipment, and the other is to adopt new technologies. In this regard, Alibaba group is obviously at the forefront of China. It is reported that on May 27, the public meteorological service center of the China Meteorological Administration and Alibaba cloud reached a strategic cooperation to jointly tap the deep value of meteorological big data. In addition, Alibaba cloud is also exporting IOE capabilities to the financial industry a few days ago. At present, more than 100 banks and other financial institutions have purchased cloud computing services from Alibaba cloud. Analysts said that as the first order to go to IOE, the settlement of the government network platform will undoubtedly benefit Alibaba cloud a lot. In addition, Alibaba cloud is accelerating the promotion of banks to IOE, so Alibaba deserves to be a trendsetter in the tide of going to IOE. It is suggested to pay attention to Neusoft group, which signed a strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud, and Tianji technology, which successfully signed a contract to build Alibaba [Weibo] financial management big data system

national ministries and commissions have adopted private technology for the first time

according to the latest news, the China Meteorological Administration and Alibaba cloud have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly tap the deep value of meteorological big data. In addition to strengthening the collaboration of big data applications on e-commerce, logistics and other platforms, the cooperation between Alibaba cloud, the China Meteorological Administration and Cainiao network is expected to exceed 30billion pieces in 2016, which has also been raised to an important level. The two sides will work together to improve China's first logistics data platform logistics early warning radar, so as to play an important role in improving the logistics efficiency of the whole society

it is understood that this is the first time that China's national ministries and commissions have adopted cloud computing provided by private technology companies and promoted the company's transformation from selling products to planning overall solutions according to customer needs. In July, 2013, Amazon [Weibo] beat IBM [Weibo] to win the $600million cloud computing contract of the CIA, which once caused a sensation. Alibaba cloud's service to the China Meteorological Administration is also regarded as a landmark event in the field of cloud computing applications in China

according to the content of the cooperation, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation at many levels, such as providing diversified meteorological services and considerate humanistic care for express delivery personnel, so as to achieve timely early warning and reminder, and ensure the personal safety of express delivery personnel. In addition, relying on the refined road traffic meteorological services such as live monitoring and forecasting, it will prompt the drivers of logistics vehicles to the area and destination, the high-risk weather conditions that will occur or have occurred, and prompt them to take measures such as slowing down or parking to avoid in time, so as to reduce the probability of traffic accidents of transportation vehicles and reduce losses

at the same time, integrate the meteorological historical analysis data to provide a comprehensive meteorological environment assessment plan for the logistics storage Park in cainiaolo, so as to avoid the location of the logistics park in the areas prone to rainstorms, ponding and mountain torrents, which will affect the long-term operation benefits of the logistics park; In addition, it can also evaluate the arrival time of goods at different transfer points and storage points, and help select the best route between the distribution points of goods

insiders pointed out that after the intervention of big data, weather forecasting will become more accurate and humanized. It is expected that in the near future, Gaode map will tell you the weather conditions within one kilometer after 15 minutes, as well as the strong northwest wind blowing on a street 24 hours ago

in addition, as China's largest commodity retail platform, Taobao [Weibo] generates a large amount of sales data involving the recycling principle, structure, recycling process and operation methods of recycling devices and all walks of life every day. By comparing and analyzing these sales data with the weather conditions in the corresponding period, we can develop sales indexes for different products, such as down jacket index, sweater index, mask index, etc. In this way, businesses can predict the best-selling products in some regions in the next six months through weather forecasts, and carry out targeted production, stock up, publicity and promotion. In other words, eating by looking at the weather becomes eating by looking at the data more efficiently. Analysts believe that these indexed meteorological data can even provide a reference for judging the trend of macro-economy

Alibaba formulated the financial industry to IOE plan

as early as at the Alibaba cloud developer conference in 2013, Chen Jinpei, general manager of Alibaba cloud business, said that Alibaba cloud is already helping customers in the financial industry rebuild their enterprise IT architecture

according to the latest report, Alibaba cloud can change its activity phase in turn and is exporting its ability to IOE to the financial industry. At present, more than 100 financial institutions, including banks, have purchased cloud computing services from Alibaba cloud, and Alibaba cloud has also planned to provide services to more than 2000 banks, securities, insurance and funds

the so-called "de IOE" refers to the removal of IBM minicomputers, Oracle databases and EMC storage devices in the process of it construction. This concept was first proposed by Alibaba and announced its successful completion in 2013. Wang Jian, chief technology officer of Alibaba, believes that the best way to go to IOE is to use cloud computing, rather than buying a new machine to replace the original machine. Driven by Alibaba cloud computing, the de IOE movement has intensified and entered the financial industry, the core of the traditional it iron triangle. At present, most of the domestic financial industry uses minicomputers or mainframes. Due to its high cost and poor scalability, this solution is being replaced by the solution of cloud computing architecture

recently, Alibaba cloud computing is promoting its financial cloud services cornucopia to the financial industry on a large scale. At present, the businesses of hundreds of financial institutions such as Bohai bank, Donghai bank and Wujiang commercial bank are running on Alibaba cloud computing to provide network payment services for millions of users. Compared with the traditional method, the average cost of each bank on the cloud is saved by 70%, and the time is shortened from 30 days to 15 days

Alibaba cloud said that the bottom of the cornucopia is a set of independent financial clusters for financial customers. It adopts a self-developed large-scale distributed computing platform and absorbs the experience of Alipay [Weibo] in payment clearing, information security and other aspects over the past decade. It has the characteristics of low cost, strong performance and high security. Based on this, ISV provides banks with a full set of standardized financial solutions and develops more innovative services. After using cloud computing, some small bank network payment services have a payment success rate of more than 90%, even more than many large banks with self built servers

for example, as the first domestic financial enterprise to deploy all core and peripheral systems to the cloud platform, the return freight insurance launched by Zhong'an reached 1.6 million transactions on the day of the double 11. If you use traditional servers and network broadband to buy, the investment will be hundreds of millions of yuan in one day alone, and the deployment cycle will take at least one month. With Alibaba cloud, you only need to open new computing resources one hour in advance

pay attention to the subdivisions with large localization space

as the stabilizer of China's economy, the information security of the banking industry is the top priority. The prism gate incident triggered concerns about the security of banks and accelerated the process of banks cutting off the connections of branches. The best way to prevent it is to go to IOE and increase the share of state-owned brand products in the bank's IT market

in recent years, with the recovery of the international financial market, the scale of IT investment in domestic banking industry has increased steadily. According to the latest report of IDC, the overall IT investment scale of China's banking industry in 2012 was 66.96 billion yuan. It is expected that the overall IT market scale of China's banking industry will reach 116.32 billion yuan by 2017, and the average compound growth rate from 2013 to 2017 will reach 12.1%

insiders pointed out that banking IT solutions, as an important part of the IT software and service market, have maintained a growth rate that continues to be higher than the overall investment growth rate of banking it. In addition, there is also great room for localization in areas such as bank ATMs and financial IC cards

in addition, given that the government is more sensitive to information security and has stronger motivation to support the domestic IT industry, taking the government industry as the entry point to IOE will also achieve better results. According to IDC data, the total scale of IT investment in China's government industry in 2012 was 68.7 billion yuan. With the acceleration of smart city construction and the entry of e-government into a new stage of cloud computing and big data, the IT investment in China's government industry will continue to grow in the future. IDC predicts that the total scale of IT investment in the government industry will reach 118.92 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual compound growth rate of 11.6% during this period

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