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Collaborative supply, storage, transportation and marketing to eliminate "gas shortage" and "gas shortage"

the most basic market law is that the demand for natural gas in winter is large and the demand in off-season is small. If the production, supply, storage, transportation and marketing of natural gas cannot be effectively coordinated, the passive situation of gas shortage in winter and off-season will occur. How to realize the effective coordination of natural gas production, supply, storage, transportation and marketing

natural gas production: whether conventional natural gas fields, shale gas, coalbed methane, tight gas, coal to gas, except for natural gas development and production well workover, coal to gas plant maintenance and shutdown, it is generally in a stable production state. If the gas produced in the off-season cannot be sold and there are not enough facilities for storage, the production can only be limited or stopped, resulting in shortage of gas, which seriously affects the investment profitability of gas fields and coal to gas plants. Although some measures can be taken to increase production in winter, the increment is limited, which is far from meeting the huge peak shaving demand for clean heating in winter, resulting in gas shortage. It is natural to use strain gauges to measure the sliding friction force. In particular, other measures need to be taken to ensure that the production is not limited or stopped in the off-season, the production is moderately increased in winter, the production state is relatively stable, and the profitability of its assets can be increased. At the same time, depreciation can be diluted and costs can be reduced

natural gas supply: the gas production in China is limited and cannot meet the demand, so it is necessary to purchase from abroad. For example, the purchase of gas source comes from the heating area in winter, the country has cold weather, tight gas source or other political and economic reasons, giving priority to meeting its own needs rather than performing the contract, which will occur from time to time. As a purchaser of large quantities of gas, China's strategic diversification of gas source procurement is the best strategy to take the initiative. Both overseas pipeline gas and liquefied natural gas should be strategically diversified. In view of the flexible deployment of LNG terminals along the coast, in order to increase the effectiveness of natural gas supply to meet demand, it is best to increase the deployment density and scale of terminals in the peak shaving center of gas load in winter

natural gas storage: in view of the stable and long-term storage of natural gas in underground gas storage, especially the large-scale old gas field, which is the most important way of natural gas storage, China's local natural gas does not need to change its shape. It can be piped to the gas storage and pressurized into the formation. It is the best natural gas "warehouse" to ensure that local gas fields and coal gas plants do not limit production and do not stop production in the off-season. The storage tank group of large coastal LNG terminal base near the load center area is also a natural gas storage mode with liquid storage and strong peak shaving capacity. However, due to the existence of bog (flash gas), it is unstable and needs dynamic management. The natural gas pipeline system itself also has a certain amount of natural gas storage capacity. In particular, the strategic increase in the diameter and pressure of trunk lines and branches can improve the natural gas storage capacity of the pipeline system. Urban gas pipelines are located in densely populated urban areas, with limited diameter and pressure, and limited gas storage. LNG satellite gasification station or CNG (compressed natural gas) is invested in the central area of the city or surrounding areas. Due to the limited scale of storage tanks, the former needs to be transported by tank cars, while the latter needs to be pressurized by electricity. The cost is high. Too many tanks will also occupy more valuable land in the city, and become an important factor affecting urban safety

natural gas transportation: after a large amount of natural gas is transported, pipeline transportation is the best way. The pipeline is buried underground and is not afraid of freezing and hurricanes. There is no need to use other power fuels for transportation, and there is no need to increase the pressure of road and railway surface transportation. The establishment of a national natural gas pipeline company as soon as possible, unified planning and scheduling, can effectively integrate and transfer national gas sources. If all gas sources are uniformly piped according to calorific value, the national sharing of natural gas pipeline transmission fees can be achieved. Through the overall scientific planning of pipeline layout, it can also significantly reduce the pipeline route arable land occupation and pipeline investment, so as to effectively reduce pipeline transmission costs and increase the competitiveness of gas sources to other energy sources. LNG tank transportation is an auxiliary way of natural gas transportation. LNG vehicles and ships must be filled with liquid, such as underground gas storage, large LNG receiving stations and national management system, which can basically meet the huge peak shaving of clean heating in winter. At present, gold spray free materials have been promoted to household appliances, automobiles, cosmetics, specific packaging and other fields, The following points can be used for reference to reduce the liquid in urban LNG satellite stations: the land transportation volume of natural gas tank transportation

natural gas sales: Pricing by volume is the most basic market rule for any commodity. If retail purchases a small amount, it should be expensive. If wholesale or large customers buy a large amount, there should be a discount. The gas price should be cheaper. Therefore, if residents use less gas, the price of natural gas should be higher than that of other users with large gas consumption. At the same time, because the price is high and profitable, it will also be given priority. Low demand in the off-season, supply exceeds demand, natural gas should be reduced; The demand for peak shaving in winter is large, and the demand exceeds the supply, so the price of natural gas should be increased, which reserves the price space for investment in the construction of gas storage facilities. The market is the decisive factor, that is, liberalizing prices, encouraging full competition of diversified gas sources, and controlling the profitability of intermediate natural gas logistics such as pipelines, gas storages, terminals, and urban gas pipelines can reduce costs, increase natural gas sales, and replace other energy capabilities

to sum up, in order to realize the effective coordination of natural gas production, supply, storage, transportation and marketing, in addition to straightening out the relationship in all aspects, the most critical infrastructure to move the natural gas industry chain well is the underground gas storage with strong buffer capacity. If the gas storage working volume of the gas storage reaches more than 15% of the annual sales of natural gas, it can not only solve the gas shortage in winter, but also avoid the gas shortage in the off-season, and increase the profitability of the whole natural gas industry chain. Effective coordination between gas storage and terminal can also obtain the strategic initiative of low-cost procurement of liquefied natural gas. In addition to meeting its own peak shaving needs, natural gas should also help meet the peak shaving needs of electricity and heat, and cooperate with renewable electricity. If it is not solved well, it will seriously affect the national energy security and win the blue sky defense war. China has become the second largest economy in the world, with a GDP of more than 80 trillion, and is fully capable of ensuring that the underground gas storage pendulum impact testing machine is a common basic profit of the library. With sufficient diversified natural gas storage capacity, the effective coordination of natural gas production, supply, storage, transportation and marketing can be achieved

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